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Thread: My New Ride

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    My New Ride

    Its finally here!
    Ordered this bad boy last week.
    Have been working like crazy to be able to afford one, been a while since i've been for a fish and cant wait to get out!

    Specs -
    Viking Tempo Fisherman Kayak (Granite Colour)
    Got it from the Chermside store for $1100
    This included Roof Racks, Paddle, Seat, Front + Rear Mesh and an Anchor Tie down
    Also Comes with a 10 year warranty!
    The guys there are great and were very generous to throw in all the extras.
    It took about a week to get, this was because I ordered a colour that they didnt have in stock.

    I'll be taking her down to the pine tomorrow depending on the wind!
    Planning on going up and down the pine chasing bass and bream closer to redcliffe!

    Might even paddle out to mud on a windy day and do a couple of drifts of mossys reef! (joking lol)

    So glad to have one now and look forward to posting many reports from my new ventures!


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    Re: My New Ride

    Fantastic Jack, the wait is over!! I know NOTHIN' about yaks, but that looks like you are going to have a great time, can't wait to hear the reports. Enjoy!

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    Re: My New Ride

    Nice yak! I have the same model but in yellow!!
    Such a stable kayak, I can literally sit on the edge with my legs in the water throwing a lure and not even worry about capsizing. Not the easiest thing to paddle fast but hey, its a fishing yak! If your around Manly Im always keen for a fish.

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    Re: My New Ride

    Look out jack my mate is heading out in his boat to the piney the black one you came in so keep an eye out, flip him the bird if he goes to fast
    Oh, looks like there will be a spot to replace you on the deckie list??
    Nice rig mate, can always tow you out to mud

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    Re: My New Ride

    Tim - Cheers mate ! Should see a report tomorrow arvo depending if I get some time before work (cutting it close lol)

    Toddo - Sure will mate, got 4 days off coming up in the holidays might have to tee something up!

    Mossy - Mate always prefer to deckie on your boat then a day out in the yak!
    Nothing beats a mossy charter!


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    Re: My New Ride

    Woohoo awesome jack i'm soo jealous you buggas and your yaks hehehe looks good mate definately be looking forward to your post.


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    Re: My New Ride

    hehehe anyone looking for a deckie???? hahahaha

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    Re: My New Ride

    Toddo looking forward to hearing more post from you mate...i been hearing some pretty kool catches around your way.

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    Re: My New Ride

    On ya, Jack. Top looking yak there. Lots of storage too, which is great. Happy fishing.

    Was out at south pine yesterday morning early and get a few bream. The biggest went 32cm. All caught on either small hardbodies or gulp sp's on 1/20 jig heads. Was a top day to be out too.


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    Hobie Oasis 2012

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