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Thread: Fish Wings?

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    Fish Wings?

    just wondering if anyone has a good receipe to cook fish wings?
    i have a nice set from a 6.7kg Spangled Emperor (yellow Lippa) and would like to know the best way to cook them.

    thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    I just cook them on the barbie. Slow cook as they sit off the plate a bit.


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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Wow - that's a blast from the past - my uncle used to bring a bring a big bag of wings down when he came to visit from Gladstone when I was a kid. Used to batter the meaty bit and deep fry them - the fins went crispy like fish flavoured potato chips.

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Fish wings from the likes of Trout, Reds, Bigger red throat etc never get chucked out!! Clean and remove the skin by sliding your thumb between the flesh and skin, roll on flour and deep or shallow fry in pan. Othwise the bigger wings can go in the pot along with the heads when making fisheadSoup...

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    If you like the wings why not try the checks the're even better

    Cheers Graham

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Quote Originally Posted by thump-a View Post
    If you like the wings why not try the checks the're even better

    Cheers Graham
    Yeah but don't make the mistake I did of telling the 3 kids that.

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    On a similar thread next time u fillet a fish like an Emperor In stead of throwing the frame out , Wack it on the BBQ and after it has cooked and then cool , flake off the meat and mix it thru a Pasta salad . Its amazing how much meat u get and how good it is . the meat is sweater closer to the bone !

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Snapper have good wings also. The olds always ask for the wings and they bake them in the oven with a bit of garlic and olive oil.
    I gave it a try and I have to say YUMMY !!


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    Re: Fish Wings?

    I do mine with a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper in the microwave, then either eat as is with salad, vegs etc or strip all the cooked flesh off and fold through an Italian style tomato-based dish, curry, Asian style stir-fry etc etc.
    Wings and cheeks are way to good to waste, and the mic seems to cook them right through quite easily without drying them out.
    Oh, another way is to 2/3rds cook in mic, then finish of in a hot pan with sweet chilli sauce, lime juice and a little lime zest.

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Sigh, ive always tried to convince the one who should be obeyed that the meat on the bone is tastier if you get closer to the bone ey...
    They never listen do they????....
    On a lesser note , who like lebanese zachines???. Well if ya do , next time jus boil some slightly till they are just firm and firm to slice through..Soaak in Olive Oil and lemon, let go cold and eat with your Fish Wings or should i say as a side dish....

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Can someone explain what the heck fish wings are?

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    sambino, the pectoral fins of the fish. they have some chunky meat normally discarded when filleting. on bigger fish there is quite a good amount of flesh there. you weren't thinking flying fish were you?
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    lol, no i was not thinking of flying fish, this reminds me of when jessica simpson wanted to know which part of the buffalo do buffalo wings come from.

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    Re: Fish Wings?

    Just having a look back through recipes this morning and saw this. Those wing lovers might enjoy the attached blog post, and those who wonder what "fish wings" are, are missing something special.

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