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    G'day people,
    Went to a western dam a little while back while the rivers were running and took a pic of something I have ever rarely seen.
    We saw a disturbance on top of the dirty water and I thought it was something swimming across the surface.
    Got a bit closer and we watched two murray cod about 1.3 to 1.5 metres long having it out in the middle of the hole.
    They would chase each other and then turn and have a head on trying to shunt and bite each other.
    Obviously a territorial thing but watched them for about 10 mins having a go at each other.
    Tried to get a bit closer in the tinny but ended up scaring them off.
    got one half decent pic before they sounded.
    Cheers, Uncle Steve.

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    Re: Cods!!

    Good stuff Steve !!!!... Ive seen them at Copeton gathering in groups just under the surface around breeding time....but not having a scrap like that. Spotted 16 oneday.

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    Re: Cods!!

    Beaut to see that there are some biguns around to have a scrap.
    I accidently caught a small cod that day and released it as it was in the closed season( dont kill any cod anyway these days) and it was about 4kg and had some pretty good scratches around its head so I guess it wandered into the path of some of the bigger critters.
    Hoping to get back out there around the end of november/december.
    cheers, steve

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    Re: Cods!!

    It would of been quite amazing to see such big Fellas Having a scrap and on the surface too. Thanks for posting the picture those cod look mean.

    cheers bron

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    Re: Cods!!

    Same area,

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