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Thread: new lenthalls fish

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    new lenthalls fish

    heading up to gladstone with fellow fishstocking men to pick up this years barra fingerlings around 6000 in november ,this should boost the population out there a bit more,there have been a few 500mm models caught in the last few days which would be last years stocking looking good for future fishoes the dam is looking magnificent at the moment too cheers AL

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    Re: new lenthalls fish

    Thanks for the info Al both Pete and i will be back to try again despite the weather that we had even tho i had not fished there before it was on my to do list so whenever i renew my sips i always split it 3 ways between lenthalls ,borumba and mondy, the more fish in these dams the better you guys do a great job keep it up


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    Re: new lenthalls fish

    keen to catch up al. the barra stocked last year must have gone ok with the recruits being located. i heard a report the other day that 12 were landed in one session and 19 in another all under 50cm. if its true that is really good recruitment. you guys should recieve your fish at the same time as monduran (60,000 first batch), then awoonga 250,000, then chrissy and drinking craploads of piss (1st chrissy off in 11 years).


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    Re: new lenthalls fish

    80,000 bass being delivered this Saturday from Bill at Bundy - approx 9am at the ramp

    Regards Scotto
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