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Thread: In hull Transducer for a fishfinder

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    In hull Transducer for a fishfinder

    HI I have a 3 seater jetski and am having trouble finding a fishfinder with an in hull transducer to fit inside the hull. I live on the gold coast can anyone help and tell me where I can find an in hull transducer and what a good fishfinder would be for my jetski.

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    Re: In hull Transducer for a fishfinder

    HI trying to get a inhull transducer to work on a jetski is almost impossible i have put a attch for you Damian can help with everything hope this helps . Dont know what happened when u called sat nite lost service.


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    Re: In hull Transducer for a fishfinder

    It is my belief you can use any of the Humminbird transducers as "through Hull" it's only a matter of arolditinng the transducer to the inside of the hull just make sure you mix the glue well and that there are no air bubbles.


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    Re: In hull Transducer for a fishfinder

    AFAIK any transducer can shoot through the hull. I have a Eagle shooting through my fiberglass hull and it works perfectly. I wouldnt use araldite either silicone or All Clear work and All Clear has the advantage that it can just be peeled off if you want to remove the transducer.

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    Re: In hull Transducer for a fishfinder

    Definitely don't use araldite! The product supplied in Transducer fitting kits sold at Hobie is called "Goop" It works well but sets like a rock. I just had to do a removal and upgrade. It came off and cleaned up well after a lot of work cutting the old "Goop" of the old transducer. I have reset the new upgrade one in clear silicon. Works a treat.

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