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Thread: Hobie Kayaks?

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    Hobie Kayaks?

    G'day everyone,

    I'm completely new to the kayak scene, but I've been wanting to get into it for some time now. The Hobie range seems to be the best to suit my purposes, but now I'm just wondering what model I should get. Fishing would be the main priority, I wouldn't need to be going extremely long distances, I would need a decent amount of room and I would need it to be able to be lifted by 1 person (without gear in it.)

    What model should I get, and how much should I expect to pay? I would probably prefer to go second hand, due to a bit of a tight budget.

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Nice way to start mate. Not usually suitable to a tight budget though.
    The Outback and the new PA (pro angler) are probably the two most popular fishing platforms.
    The Revo is another good one. Depends on what type of fishing you would be doing.
    Outbacks and Revos fully set up will cost you $2K+ secondhand.

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    Cheers and thanks.

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    They don't last long once they are listed, so set yourself a budget, decide on a model, and do some research on what they sell for. The dedicated australian kayak fishing forums have few in the for sale sections at the moment. Alternatively you could talk to your local dealer as they may have a second hand model available from time to time, but once again they don't last long.


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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    We have had a Hobie Oasis tandem for around a year.
    Its great. A nice relaxing pastime whether just cruising around or fishing.
    The support from Hobie dealers is excellent as well.
    Most dealers can give you a demo ride to try before you buy.

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    I dont own myown... yet... but I have just missed out on afew good deals, so the do come up. Not many PA's get sold as they are a newer model... but if you want it for fishing that would most likely be the way to go.

    For three years or so I have been keeping my eye on the outbacks... and they are great I must say. Can hold a good amount of weight, not too heavy, lots of room, lots of storage and because they have been around for abit they come up more than PA's do, and most times for a lower price... considering the year model.

    Good luck mate with whatever you choose... looks like we will be on the buying battlefield together.
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?


    I've had an 06 Outback for a few years and love it. It's good all-round yak for fishing.

    Have had an adventure, which I sold. It's a nice craft but long and difficult to handle when throwing on the roof. You also need a big shed to store it (almost 5 meters long).

    Also now have an Oasis (2 person). Like Blueroo I find it a great yak to cruise around. It wasn't designed for fishing - but can be setup to do so.

    But my Outback gets the most use. It's great for dams, lakes, river, creeks. It's also good for skinny waters chasing bass, as it's not long and can be easily manouvered with the paddle.

    As someone suggested - go demo a few yaks to get a feel for them. There's two mobs you can test them (1) Sunstate Hobie @ Cooroy and (2) Adventure Outlet @ Southport.

    Pics of my 2 Hobies atrtached. Outback in front, Oasis at back.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Headbanger, I too have an outback and love it , I was a bit put off at the price at first but have had excellent service,advice and support. I was confused wether to go peddle or paddle but since having peddle have found the best thing is the ability to troll two lures and pull one in while maintianing the same speed taking weed off or changing a lure.Can paddle if need to so felt I had the best of both. I purchased mine through sunstate Hobie who have a lake opposite their showroom where you can test all the range for as long as you like, I went back a second time before i purchased just to make sure I was happy with my choice. The resale is also great if you want to update in the future.

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Do a search here on Ausfish. There is a thread devoted to this.

    Search tool at top of page.

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Started with Oasis Tandem, great but too heavy when you're ageing and also have MS. Currently I have an Outback and my wife has a Sport, bit costly but the pleasure and flexibility is worth it. I can just fish and be boring then when my wife gets sick of watching she can take off exploring, we can meet up for lunch or a cuppa, travel together.
    We can get into very tight skinny spots and get to where the fish are that we can rarely do from the bank. Either of us can either load our own if we're not both wanting to go out. The two can go onto the Xtrail roof rack or if we're spending some days in one spot or looking for new territory we can take them on a smallish folding trailer behind our small motorhome. Storage at home is also easier, not much room in a retirement village.
    Cheers, melaleucaKim

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Hey Kim. No disrespect, but this post is 3 years old. I think he might have bought something by now. :-) Cheers, Pete
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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Woah, that's a blast from the past!

    Thanks for the help Kim, but I ended up buying a tinny instead.

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    Got two Outbacks, they are great. Barra, bass, Yellowbelly, bream, flathead and heaps more. Worth every cent!

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    Re: Hobie Kayaks?

    I seen this one the other day, It caught my eye I am thinking about getting one. I had alook on the specs and they go up to 4.5 meters.

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