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Thread: 122cm Wild Barra

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    122cm Wild Barra

    PB Barra, Caught at Roper Bar last weekend.
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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Very nice fish well done
    But are there not crocs in that water you guys are standing in


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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Great work in that fast running water mate,,, Well done & yes what about those crocs???

    Cheers Baz

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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Nice fish mate but what about crocs!!

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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    What a great result for the speed that water's coming through (did I hear crocs though?)

    Looks like that lure is one for the wall of fame in the garage, what a great story it's got to tell! (is that a Leads?)

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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Hey Guys,

    Cheers for the comments. Yeah there are crocs around but this bar gets fished quite alot and no-one has even been taken from it. It's a risk for sure but the fishing is worth it. I know guys who fish it at night- right out in the middle...

    Tony- Yeah mate it's going in the pool room. It was a Leads Hi-Jacker too. I caught some nice fish on it before it got ripped apart, it's the best bomber style lure I've used. Had a great action even with heavy hooks and never went out of tune.


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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Pete you bloody bewty,
    what a fish mate,

    forget about the crocs when theirs fish like that for the taking,

    well done bud,


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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Great fish mate.

    I still miss that river.


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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    i have got to get my butt into gear and catch one of those monsters (bloody work)

    top fish mate nothing beats that

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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    great fish mate.

    FISHING IS NOT A HOBBY...................IT'S AN OBSESSION!!

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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    nice fish mate. i work up that way in a community ngukurr. some good fish come out of the roper!

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    Re: 122cm Wild Barra

    Quote Originally Posted by abbot_86 View Post
    nice fish mate. i work up that way in a community ngukurr. some good fish come out of the roper!
    Yep the Roper is awesome. I'm going back to fish the runoff next year hopefully. A few mates have got access to some of the properties backing on to the Roper and the fishing can be unreal.

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