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Thread: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

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    Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    Bayside Bulletion, Tuesday 11/08/09

    Section - Public Notices

    Loose Quote"

    Requsets for Quotations for supply of eviromental consulting services for Fish 'N Creeks Project. EPU-12Q

    Redlands City Coucil seeks submissions from interested parties, including consultants, to undertake the Fish'n Creeks project. The intent of this project is to investigate and develop a workable approachfor re-introducting native fish populations at sites in Redlands freshwater creeks, and to organise trails of methods necessary to do this.

    Copies of quoation documentation and further infomation about the project can be obtained from
    Mick Holland on 38298819 or email ;

    The closing dates for submissions is C.O.B. 31 August 2009"

    End loose quote

    Will make contact with Mick about the project in the future. This may be a possibility to get Tingalpa Reserve stocked with native fish especially Bass as it is a preditor of tilpa fry.

    What I am asking of members here is what fish species do they know in the local freshwater creeks currently. Native and pest fish species, Personally i know of the tialpa numbers in Tinaglpa , Collawinapin and Orminston crks.

    For older members and members with older relatives that grew up in this area what species are native to this area? Bass? freshwater jew? sleepy cod? sangled perch? Barramundi in small numbers?

    Please post comments, photos or records up here or pm me details. This may a start to getting Tingalpa Reserve stocked with fish and possible access to fisherman. If not it would be nice to be able to fish the smaller local creeks for natives.

    thanks matt

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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    ive got a very good knowledge of local species in the area and have been in contact with Micheal Holland for the last 2 years over my progress in tilapia eradication, im up to 7000 fish just this last 6 months, if you want some more info Matt just PM me

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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    What method are you using to eradicate Tilapia JJ???


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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    cast netting and drag netting its very effective in the shallows where there isnt much weed ot branches, i have speared them the alnatural way but i was always worried about carrying a sharpened pole lol geeze i get some looks when im wading through the local creeks carrying tilapia on my back, ive def impacted the populations over winter this year in some of the creeks and hasnt rained in a while so its been alot esier but the water temp is raising quickly once its 23C breeding will start and then things get harder.

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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    do you eat em
    ive eaten them overseas they arent too bad....

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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    na ive never tried them gave a bin full to the guy next door and he said prob one of the better freshwater fish had, the garden eats all of mine, im running out of holes though to many fish.

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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    I've heard a little rumor that there is a very little talk about stocking the dam now, well after they get rid of the Tilapia. So it's being talked about a little more now by the sound of it, for this to filter through so we wait to see i guess.
    Life begins when you get one!!!

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    Re: Restocking Redlands freshwater Creeks

    Fish, creeks and us
    When: sunday 20 june 930am to 130pm
    Where: Redlands Indiigiscapes Centre
    Runnymede Road, Capalaba
    Rsvp: telephone 38298621
    Book by thursady 17 june 4 pm

    Community day with activities and displays and presentations
    Ring above phone number or Redlands City council website for more info.

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