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Thread: newzealand north island

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    newzealand north island

    hi everyone iam heading to nz north island next march and want to go spinning for some trout while iam there has any got any tips place to fish while iam there.or would like to learn to flyfish anyone know of any good priced guides for myself and sister
    thanks everyone
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    Re: newzealand north island

    See if you can get hold of this book. Very informative, and will help you plan your next fishing spot as you travel around. It is available in some libraries over there, save you buying one.

    Fish and Game control the freshwater fishing, regulations etc here for a bit more of a read.

    Lake Taupo will most likely be on your list to visit, there are many guides in Taupo, that have beginner packages.

    Your fishing licence from F & G allow you to fish any where in the country, except Lake Taupo, which has its own special licence. Just making you aware so that you don't find yourself in trouble.

    A quick google brings up this list of guides

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    Re: newzealand north island

    thanks for the info bermic

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    Re: newzealand north island

    don't rule out fishing right off the beach mate. I cruised around the North in a motor home with the missus, saw a few people fishing off the beach so I asked what they were chasing, "snapper" was the answer. This was strange to me coming form the east coast of Aus so the next day I had a crack thinking they were taking the piss. First throw i got belted and was snapped off, second throw same thing, bugger this i thought and having next to no gear wacked on a steel trace as it was the only thing i had and pulled in a 4 to 5 kilo model straight off the beach . That shut me up pretty quick.

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    Re: newzealand north island

    Biggest brown trout I've ever caught was deep trolling in Taupo, will see if I can dredge up a pic. Sure I agree its not as skillful as fly fishing it can be rewarding all the same so well worth a crack.

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