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Thread: Boaties And Landbased Database

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    G'day Greg,

    You're doing a good job mate

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hey Fellas, i'm in Victoria point and am keen to be a deckie mon-fri after 4.30 and weekends. Prepared to travel and got my own stuff. Prefer bait. 0435864241. Incase you didn't guess my names ben

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    G'day Seahorse and others.

    Here are my details for the boaties data base.

    Charlie09 live in Brackenridge have my own boat a 410 Brooker Fisherman with 40 hp Merc and am available most weekends. Prefer bait. number is 0403736795 and name is Vince. Age 47 Prefer estuary or inshore with my boat but hey if ur boat is bigger off shore is fine
    i want a bigger boat

    Call Sign "In-Vince-able" VHF 72

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    No worries Charlie. I let things go with this, but now time to get it back up and running.


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    I am not sure how this post works but I am looking at buying a boat for outside fishing and would love to go outside with a few people who have boats such as: haines hunter, cruise craft, seafarer or other glass boast around 5-5.5 mtrs so I can get advice and a feel for the boat. I live in Morayfield Brisbane, am 52 yrs old, easy to get along with. Thursdays or weekends work well for me at present. Call me on 54985075 or 0414630808.

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database


    Hi all,
    I am really getting into my bay/offshore fishing again. I just bought a nice reef rig and I'm keen to get out and give it a run. I've recently done a few trips to roberts shoal/ curtain artificial and surrounds in hire boats with a few mates and I'm really keen to get back out there. unfortunately my mates are often unavailable at the same time!

    If anyone is looking for a deckie I am available every weekend and I can usually get week days off work with a few days notice. I have all good gear and my boat license. I'm 30 years old, pretty easy going. Especially interested in off-shore stuff.

    If you are looking for a deckie, give me a call! 0407341718. Paul.

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Geez it's hard to find good blokes to go with. I have an old reliable V-Sea and a current model hilux 4WD. Love anything from bay, surf, estuary and offshore.

    Two weeks ago a day after the new moon (secret best time), with two days notice I rang 10 "mates and associates" looking for a crew to head to DI for a day and a half offshore fishing. Couldn't find a taker, I supply basically everything including camping gear and it costs about $150-200 for the trip - cheap I reckon for everything supplied. This time of year equals snapper, pearlies, moses, hussar, maori's etc etc - all good quality table reef fish.

    Anyways I live at Forest Lake and struggle to find mates to go for a fish anywhere round here, most of my mates now seem flat out getting out of their own way.

    I'm 46, love my offshore fishing and generally pretty keen to head out when family and work commitment allow but boy it's hard getting someone local and keen to go. Most of them want to be picked from up from all over, hooks and rigs supplied, the fish cleaned and have zero responsibility (too used to charter trips I suppose) guess that means send me a PM and we can have a chat/meet and see if we get on. BTW I have no particular penchant for bait or plastics - I fish both.


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Guys ... I share your pain

    Always keen to hear from keen fisherpeople in the know. Sometimes hard find someone who is keen, available and prepared to do their bit, I try and get out every chance I get when family commitments, weather and work dont collide

    Live on the Northside, have a 6.5m ali boat which is very capable off shore more than happy taking that or being someones deckie.
    40 yrs old and have a lot to learn about fishing this part of the world
    Mobile is 0457 805 409



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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    DECKIE AVAILABLE SE QLD 7 days a week

    If you need a good crew mate / fishing buddy I keen to get into bay/offshore fishing.

    About me; I live sth side brisbane, 38yrs old, hold a current a boat license, non smoker, own transport (subaru forester with towbar), can travel, safety aware, am available week days and weekends, have all my own gear, happy to chip in $$$ for running cost, fuel bait ect. Prefer to sp , tho bait is good to and I don't talk too much bullshit

    If you are looking for a crew member, give me a call! 0408 707 474 Adam.

    note: also have my own 4.5m stessel edge-tracker for river/estuary/impound fishing we can use.


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hey guys can females go fishing with you aswell


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hi guys,

    Tristan is my name, Uni is just about finished for the year again so after Nov 11th I will be getting back amongst it! I am landbased (living at East Brisbane) and have no preference to bait or lures and can travel. I've never been fishing on a private boat so don't really know what is required of a decent deckie but I'm keen to learn and handy with a gurney to help clean up afterwards as well!!

    I've only recently taken a big interest in fishing after injuring my shoulder and effectively ending my sporting career so I have a LOT to learn but I'm easy to get along with and have my own gear so if you need another punter on a day of fishing on the weekends then let me know!! You can send me a message on this site or feel free to email me at dont really want to post my phone number up on a public forum so flick me an email and I'll pass on my phone number from there.


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hey Everyone,

    My name is mossy - well George really but answer to most things LoL I'm 29, love my river and bay fishing. Most times have a spot available on my tinny 4.3 mtre Clark Estuary Pursuit 30Hp to chase snapps around mud or see what I can raise from teh river. I live northside out ferny hills way and happy to pick peeps up on the way through. I fish mainly plastics and happy to use bait occasionally but prefer not to as I'm usuallly left cleaning the boat solo and its easy to pick up the plastics. If your ever interested in tagging along and I am always good for a laugh. Shoot me a PM mid week to see if I'll be out, most weekend if its under 15 knots I'll be out in the bay or hiding fromt eh winds in the river.
    tight lines - Mossy

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Well seeing I'm not working if anyone has a spot. Will pay my way and can even bait my own hook.
    Ph is 0413201502. At Beachmere.


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    hi all live on the gold coast have a 4.45 with 60 on back fish palmy, broadwater and off shore as well looking to meet some new people to fish with or some one with a bigger boat to get out further have own gear ( 10 years working in tackel shops )give me a bell on 0427355659 have a 16ft canoe as well fish tally with it for good whiting

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    name is rosco live brissy southside,fish offshore,bay,crab the bay as well as offshore for spanners.will post in the meet and greet section when i am heading out send me a pm to see if there is a deckie spot free..should have 1 available some trips...have all the gear if you dont have it for offshore trips.boat is a 2400 kevlacat at the moment
    cheers rosco

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