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Thread: Boaties And Landbased Database

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Quote Originally Posted by Jalova View Post
    Hey Peter,
    It worked out roughly $3000 a year to have the boat and that's based on dong about 10 fishing trips a year. That's roughly once you include rego, insurance, petrol both car and boat from out here and bait and stuff. i figure that I can go on about 10 fishing charters a year for around $1000 to$1500 and maybe I can catch one of those elusive things called fish.
    take care.
    that was one of the reasons I sold the last boat..all up about $10k a year before I even started a motor...and I had to use it at least once a fortnight or else more costs involved.

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    yeah, sure does add up

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hi Greg

    Can you add me as a boaty.i have a yalta 555 and am on the north side.
    basicly can allmost go any time,and if any one needs a decky im in also mid week or weekends.

    PS: 0418886586
    pps: im a smoker too

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hi Seahorse
    Can you add me to your list please. Phone 0419612401. Fit 60yo southerner with family we often visit in Sunshine Coast. Got a 4 mtr tinnie and car stashed in Cabulture, keen on plastics and/or bait. Will be in Qld 21/12 to 28/12 (Cabulture) and keen to hook up with anyone interested in wetting a line - your boat or mine. Bill

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    G'day Joe,

    Mate, I'll give you a call soon, this weekend is stuffed for me.. PM as to the best day, tiem for you.


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hey Guys just an update on my profile.. My phone Number is wrong. its 0412427332 not a 0 on the end, interests fishing anywhere anytime, fresh and salt. very trustworthy and friendly cheers

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Just sent you a PM and then realised it would be public knowledge anyway.
    based in Manly.
    I fish anywhere from Green Island to Lota creek to Brisbane river and occasionally out to the sandhills on Moreton.
    4.1 tinnie with a 30hp.
    I like fishing at night.
    Available weekends.
    I have plenty of gear, some of which I don't mind sharing. I fish with bait and SP's. And I am not an expert but I have a few nice GPS locations of my own which can yield a feed.

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Land based 25y/o residing springfield lakes
    Have gear for both land and boat. Especially enjoy stretching the arms a bit and having a jig although i am at my happiest when i have a line in the water. Anything after that is a bonus. ph 0418151242
    work 6am-2pm monday- friday however rdos are available for that last minute midweek trip or midnight run. Heading to swains for a week in april so would like to test out some new gear before we head...
    If your going to the beach to try the gutters, the rocks, open water,or chasing threadies in the BNE river im there.

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    G Day all my name is perry 49yrs old, every second monday and most weekends weather permitting am an offshore and northen bay fisherman. Boat 6.2 m plate with 150 four stroke live alex hills. Just after super keen deckies, i have some spare gear and my mobile number is 0422 880 886. Share costs accordingly, age open, just people that love their fishing with a passion
    Cheers Perry
    PS if your keen give me a call
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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    gday, at the moment I get sunday mondays off
    520 quintrex dory, 50hp yamaha, plastic and live bait moreton bay, redcliffe, North pine dam and river.
    Live in Kallangur, 39 years old with a 16 year old very capable deckie
    hava look here to see what we do --->

    The Rainbowrunner
    Peter Hansler
    Click here for my webpage
    Click here for my videos

    Give a man a fish, he'll eat it and fall asleep.

    Teach a man to fish and he'll endanger an entire species

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    details phill age 49 phone 0407365743 boat 460 stessco r /b [ callsign mytin ] fish tweed local reefs bait fisho , but trying some plastics ,weekdays am afterschool hols email phil.j.clarke usually go alone

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    Smile Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    please add to boaties data base clarke 4.6 stessco r/b fish tweed local reefs call sign [my tin ] phone 0407 365 743 fish mostly week days after school hols bait fisho but trying plastics try to go out once a week. email phil.j.clarke @

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Well, I'm off the water for a while.

    I know how to help out, fuel/bait/cleanup/filleting, having had a largish tub for a few years I appreciate the cost.

    I only have an interest in boat fishing.

    Can often go during the week, at quite short notice.

    0418 741 715


    Carbon Really Ain't Pollution.

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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Gday Greg,

    Sorry mate I must be a bit slow or it is to late in the night. What are the lists all about? The boaties list, is it for people who have boats and need a crew or for people trying to get onto a boat or both? I have a boat and sometimes are looking for a crew usually 1 or 2 to fill the numbers and share the costs for fuel and bait etc. Is this the intent for list?


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    Re: Boaties And Landbased Database

    Hi Greg

    Can you add me as a boaty.
    I have a Seafarer Vantage 485SF and fish Goldie & Brisbane (based at Jindalee).
    Am able to fish Monday, Tuesday & Friday and Saturdays.

    Phone: 0433402204
    PS: Fish Lures & plastics. But happy for decky to use bait.
    Thats another one for the Punisher!

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