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Thread: my new dam

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    Re: my new dam

    thanks chimo ,they designed my spill way sort of like rappids ,the water flows through the rocks,it works really well ,the water gets away quickly with no errosion,its starting to grow grasses and weeds inbetween the rocks so its looking a little more natural now.

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    Re: my new dam

    nice dam. i would be adding some bony bream and garfish as larger food for when the stocked fish get bigger. bony bream have breed up very well over a few years in the dam i stocked them in. avoid spangled perch as they will eat fingerlings. also when theres gar in thier your more likely to catch fish on surface lures.


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    Re: my new dam

    Thank, makes for a good read.

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    Re: my new dam

    well its full again after the recent good rain,the good thing is the water cleared up in a few days,so the enviroment is going ok i think.
    couple of new pics,you can see how the spill way is growing weeds and grasses etc,and the lillies are starting to spread,they are in 3 meters of water.ive got firetails everywhere,i still havnt seen a rainbow going to start makin some structure out of pvc ready for some jacks.

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    Re: my new dam

    Thanks for the update, I enjoy seeing good dams as I used to survey, design and oversee the odd contractor during construction of lots of them in an earlier life.

    Yours is looking very nice and as you say the water quality looks good. Is that another dom downstream of yours or part of a borrow pit?

    Are we seeing trees growing on the dam bank? If it is and it was my dam I'd be getting rid of them while they are small and replacing them with a grass cover. Tree roots in a bank do not work out well in the long term(if thats where they are, its hard to tell from the pics)

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: my new dam

    thats my next door neighbors dam,mine feeds it.yeah those are weeds on the wall ,im about to broad leaf spray them,just been waiting for things to dry out a bit and trying to get some grass growing.just takes time.cheers dave

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    Re: my new dam

    Quote Originally Posted by OPTI View Post
    thats my next door neighbors dam,mine feeds it.yeah those are weeds on the wall ,im about to broad leaf spray them,just been waiting for things to dry out a bit and trying to get some grass growing.just takes time.cheers dave
    What are you using for this opti??

    I use KAMBA M, great stuff. Kills everything bar your grass, lawn etc, but will kill Buffalo grass also.

    Here's one of the dams at our place.


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    Re: my new dam

    yes mate kamba m ,it works great,because i had nothing but dirt i let everything grow ,but now the grass it getting thicker i nock the weeds out.
    luv the photos of your dam ,have you stocked anything in it?

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    Re: my new dam

    Yeah, there's Bass, Yella's and Silvers stocked in there, although I haven't caught a Silver for a while.
    In that particular dam there is also 1 Saratoga and 1 Murray Cod.
    These 2 fish got too big for my aquarium, so in the dam they went.
    I quite often see the 'toga, but the Cod,,,,,,,,I dunno.

    Your dam is looking very nice, amazing changes from when it was first dug hey?
    Doesn't take that long to transform does it?


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    Re: my new dam

    i had a visit from the local rural fire brigade yesterday ,doing some helicopter training ,they did around 20 fill ups from my dam ,the chopper could fill its 1000lt tank in 20 seconds,quite impressive,just hope they didnt suck up any of my fish

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    Re: my new dam

    We had some fires a year ago in my area and the local rural firies came and asked if they would be allowed to take water from my dam if they needed it . they were soon told to take what they wanted . never used a chopper though . it would have been good to see

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    Re: my new dam

    have you stocked the dam with jacks yet?

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    Re: my new dam

    I have built a 200ML dam which filled very quickly from Albert river 3 years ago.I was keen to stock it with natives but was soon over run with Carp.If anyone has ideas of how to get rid of Carp i would appreciate advice.I know they have used a poison in Tasmania and someone told me dynamite was the way to go! Need to find a powder monkey.Then I would love to stock it with some good catching edible natives.

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    Re: my new dam

    Have also put some red claws in the dam but no sign of them now. I fear the carp have eaten everything.

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    Re: my new dam

    There is a fish poison, but it sterilises the whole water way. Maybe contact DPI fresh water for more info. Once cleared rebuild it or alternatively go catch some Jack and carefully acclimate them into your dam. Concentrate on catching the adult carp and over time the jacks will sort out the little ones.

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