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Thread: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

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    Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    Got home from work 6:30am this morning, days off from shiftwork, not going to pass up an opportunity to wet a line. Got to the middle sons room "Coming fishing" Nope! Go to the youngest sons room "Coming Fishing" Grunt! Walk into the bedroom "wake up babe we're going fishing" Okay!!! (Never passes up a fishing trip).

    Beauty! scoot off downstairs and load up the boat, 20 mins later we are loaded, missus has woken up, dressed and ready to go. Head down to Ross River Ramp and promise the missus a stop on the way to grab some breakky. OOPS!, 3/4 of the way to the ramp and I turn to her, crap forget the Maccas. No drama we have the chips and biscuits in the boat (thank god for the survival supplies in the boat box).

    Launch at Ross River and head to the mouth, lumpy conditions greeting us, so its easy as we go, lifting the bow of "Hard Livin" we head out. The further out we go the worse it is getting, typical of Cleveland Bay. 1 hour of slow steady slog and we round the top of Magnetic Island and drop out our Halco Deep Divers over the side.

    Nothing happens for a while and as we pass by Horseshoe bay, I get a big hit. Up and into it, couple of good head tugs, could be a nice Mack. 2 Minutes later, my shorts are around my ankles and the fish has pulled the hooks. Wind in the line and check the lure, nice big teeth marks pepper the body "Bugger"

    Lures back in the water and 10 mins later a 35cm School Mack decides to play with my lure, pull him in and release him back to the water. Trolled down towards Bay Rock to a mark that was advertised in the local paper as a mack hot spot. Got adjacent to Liver Point and the missus rod screams off line, she's up and into it after being caught in the middle of a little noddy nap. 5 mins and the first legal mack hits the deck, bled and in the esky.

    Pass through the mark and run a further 200 metres. Turn around and go back to the top of the run. Turn again and heading back to the mark when, guess what!Missus bloody rod goes off again, 5 mins and another legal mack goes to the esky. Wasn't quick enough on the second mack that was following him (and I had a SP on a barra rod sitting there).

    So we do a few more passes but nothing of note happens, its now midday and the wind is freshening and not the way I like it. So, we bring in the lines and head back to the ramp. Conditions were still pretty ordinary on the way home, but we managed to make it back from West Point in about 45mins.

    All in all, a good day fishing in ordinary weather, BUT-----Spanked again by the Missus!!!!!
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    i get the same thing every time the missus and i go out she sleeps then her rod goes off, i feel your pain aleast some one is putting food on the table though. does she let all your friends and family know too cause ,myne does
    have a good one mate

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    NO she usually wins the prizes at the club comps, but Good to see someone catching something and I don't live it down, she keeps reminding me....
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    mate, but thats what we do, we make them look good so we can go out more often
    cheers ian

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    Too true, but she was the one who gave me the go ahead to go from a 4 Metre Tinnie to my 6M Centre Cab and she didn't bork at the add-ons and electronics.
    Glad she likes fishing, I get a kick out of seeing her in action...
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    Nice report Levinge. Maybe I should take my wife too if you blokes are getting new and bigger boats hey?? Cheers, Darren.

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    You're just lettin the missus in so she doesn't complain about spending $R50k on a boat (not true, but just keep telling yourself that).

    I wasn't expecting it to be rough today at all, especially after being out last night, but even a little wind can turn the bay to shit, a right pain in the arse.

    Well at least you got something of note, Ronnie and I headed out last night chasing Fingermark (my new squid light works a treat, had a squid on the hook after 5 minutes), I lost what ronnie says was a big one, I went too hard to keep it off the bottom and pulled the hook, all went quiet after that, with no more squid coming up to play, so we moved and had a go for some grunter, got one, but no more around, the small nannygai and sharks moved in after that. The breeze made it a bit difficult though, current going one way with the wind just strong enough to keep us pointing the other way, with no pressure on the anchor at all, we could have just hovered over the spot, the wind and current working against each other would nearly kept us in the same spot.

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    yep Ron said it was a tad quiet last night, unfortunately I had to work or it would have been a perfect opportunity to go.

    One thing the missus is not into night fishing, so I at least have one style of fishing all to myself...

    Got some really nice clean fillets on the two macks, so it should keep the missus happy for a while. she is sure to let me know who caught them again and again and again....
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    nice work mate

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    Good stuff wen i get spanked by the missus its always for going fishing!

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    if i could just get spanked
    buy anyone,s misses
    damn i would be happy

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    haha good work brett, yeah my missus gives me a tune up from time to time. But.............. she did get taught how to fish by the best!

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    Ferret, so your saying that really they are all your fish, caught by proxy...
    interesting thought!!!

    I suppose I can claim putting her on the fish!!
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

    Nice work Brett. Shame she outfished you, but at least she'll keep going back for more... You just need to fish more often to get more chances to beat her

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    Re: Spanked by the Missus again!!!!

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