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Thread: Show us your Trout!

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    heres a few new england rainbows [ATTACH]sum[/ATTACH]

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Nice fish there Brett....not sure about you turning traitor in species

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    thanks cindy...but will always be a cod

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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Hi Barrabandit,

    Just thought I'd post up the photos from my last trout fishing session at Purrumbete prior to moving up here to the Sunshine Coast 3 years ago.
    If there's one thing I miss about Victoria it's how much I enjoyed going to Purrumbete and chasing Rainbow & Brown trout, and also Chinook salmon. Fished this lake for 20 or so years and it holds many great and special memories for me.
    I hear that the water level has been so low that there's been virtually no boating and very little fishing pressure over the last few years. I also know fisheries have been massively stocking it over this time. My mate in Melbourne says they've put in a new boat ramp and that it should be unbelievable fishing there this year.
    God, I think I've just talked myself into making a trip there next month!!!



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    Re: Show us your Trout!

    Form my last trip to the south land
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    Going back for Feb/March can't wait
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