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Thread: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

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    Thumbs down Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    I read with dismay, Frances Whiting's comments in yesterday's Sunday Mail.
    Her view is that there is no reason for any fishers to complain about Moreton Bay closures.
    I'd bet my last dollar she hasn't read anything except the point put across that any fishing destroys the bay.
    I call for all ausfish members to bombard her inbox with as much propogandea as possible. I'll send her a short note urging her to read both sides before commenting any further and see what transpires.
    I can't access the comment online because it was only in her by-column not the main story.

    Still on fishy subjects, I really don't understand the outcry by the pro-fishing lobby over the draft plan for Moreton Bay Marine Park, It's only 15% that will be protected in green zones-surely we can all look at the big picture think of the future and dropa line elsewhere.

    Pull your head in Whiting. Ask Sally Jennings what her opinion of the draft is????

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    Re: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    Here here was disappointed at her column when i read it yesterday


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    Re: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    Juat another illinformed writer commenting on somthing that she hasn,t done her homework on. I don,t fish the Bay I fish out of Tannum Sands and the clourses up here are sending little boats wider and wider. Some are starting to take risks to make there fishing trips worth it. Polky.

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    Re: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    It really is sad isn't it. I was a big fan of her and read her columns regularly, not so sure if I will anymore unless she does something positive about her comments.
    The readership she has could make a big dent in our campaigns and we don't need that.
    Off the cuff remarks are damaging, hope she reads up and comments on the other side of the story at a later stage.

    Her email address is..............

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    Re: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    I wouldn't worry too much about Francis.
    There's only a couple of things that surprise me about her.....
    That she has actually been given the room and privilege to voice her opinions...
    and that people actually find the drivel she's been dishing out for years even slightly entertaining or humorous.

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    Re: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    I still think emailling her with our views and links to the another side of the arguement would be a good idea

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    Re: Pull your head in Whiting!!!!!

    This subject has been brought up earlier.

    There is a post, hereabouts.

    Phill thsi one now closed.
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