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Thread: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

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    Re: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Puff_Daddy View Post

    However that said, it you take some time follow the flow of preferences around all candidates (65 of them in QLD alone) and their group tickets - which you can see on the AEC website as they have been released for public viewing - you can work out where the numbers flow and what will be the outcomes.

    Like I said the decision of who, what, where is how to best get Kevin into a senate seat. Lets look at the the options and who they preferenced 1st.

    1. Labor (preference Greens)
    2. Liberal (pref Nats then F/First)
    3. Nationals (pref Lib the F/First)
    4. Greens (pref Carers)
    5. Democrats (pref climate change)
    6. Family first (pref AFLP)
    7. Pauline (pref One Nation WA)
    8. Shooters (preference AFLP)
    9. What Women Want (preference Greens)
    10. The Fishing Party (Ron Boswell 1st, then Liberals before more Nats.)
    11. Liberty and Democracy (preference Democrats)
    12. Democratic Labor Party (pref Christians)
    13. Socialist Alliance (preference Greens)
    14. Senators Online (preference Carers)
    15. One Nation WA (pref unendorsed Baker)
    16. Citizens Electoral Council (pref Libs)
    17. Christian Democratic Party (pref Nat then Lib)
    18. Non Custodial Parenting (pref Pauline)
    19. Climate Change (preference Democrats)
    20. Carers (preference Greens)
    21. Several Unendorsed candidates (3 parties - 2 pref greens)

    So 5 directly give their votes to the Greens. Another 2 have given their votes to the greens if they are not there. So that is 7 off the bat out of round one. Looking at round two preferences that would add more to the list pending vote allocation.

    Looking at this and considering some of you have such an objection with F/First - how else would you have put a preference flow together to give the AFLP the best chance of getting up?

    I hope this helps clear up a few things.
    I'm no fan of FF Chris but sadly I agree looking at the information that you have presented above.

    There just seems no other way to give Kevin a fighting chance, considering our support for the Nationals at the last election to get Barnaby Joyce home it must have left the executive with no other choice (and more than a bit disappointed) when they (Nationals) went with FF for their preferences.

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    Re: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    Derek pull your head in until you have a clue what your talking about please

    Cheers Chris
    Do some reading old son. This is the gun lobby.


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    Re: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

    Hi Derek, in your other thread re: shooters I have tried to address your concerns as to why things were done the way they were.

    Also whilst I am here, just a quick comment about preference allocations and differences between the AFLP and TFP in Queensland.

    The AFLP put the TFP preferences at the highest level we could due to agreements already made as the notification of their intention to run in QLD came so late. We put them at #6 in the party list even though all the bunfighting was going on, because they are also looking to have a voice for the fisho and that is above individual idealogy in the eyes of the Executive of the AFLP.

    I noticed that the preference ticket from the TFP put the AFLP 4th last, next to Labor, the Democrats and the Greens and put KC last out of the two candidates we are running. I didn't think we are as bad at protecting the fishing and outdoor vote as the that mob we are with? It is a shame they didn't look at this the same way we did but hey, that's politics and their democratic choice afterall.

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    Re: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

    Derek, just re read a bunch of that stuff & can find no reference to the shooters party... they appear to be connected to 'shooters news' whatever that is. Are they just a shooters website, along the lines of ausfish for fishers , or is there some connection to the SP?? either way they are ratbags, they could have used better pics of themselves, even their black & white photos make them look a bit like potential serial killers

    thanks for that link Derek, a bit of light reading to be had.. i love a good conspiracy theory!
    Truth is most sane people, & that probably includes 97% of the Shooters Party members, would realise that this is a total beatup by ratbags. Problem is it would be used to tar all members with the same brush, a bit like the whole fishing party crap. there will be members who are out of line & it discolours everything as any opponent will grab it & only have to read some of the petty & rediculous comments that are on this site at times, people that appear to be typing with a belly full of piss & bravado/anger in their hearts, i am sure a lot regret what is written when they read it the next day.
    I don't own a gun, & have not done so for over 30 years, had no reason, but i would like to have the right to go out & buy one if i felt the need without all the rediculous restrictions that have been applied since Port Arthur.I am one that believes a criminal will get a gun, if they want, regardless of the law & that most gun owners are responsible & law abiding.

    i hate to say it but, if they are a means to an end, so be it. The party members need to weed out the idiots that are doing this sort of thing, unless, like Bob Smith, they cannot be replaced
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    Re: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

    Quote Originally Posted by craftycarp View Post
    ok I guess I just have to spend half the day at the polling booth. This will be a first

    Haven't you heard of a postal vote?

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    Re: AFLP preference announcement: Little fish make a big difference

    Quote Originally Posted by LeeannP View Post
    Haven't you heard of a postal vote?
    Actually I will be in canbera the weekend of the election so I probably will have to do a postal anyway
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