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Thread: Robina Lakes

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    Robina Lakes

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if the Robina Lakes and Clear Island waters areas have been stocked with Bass? This waterway extends up into Mudgeeraba creek. Glades golf course. If it is stocked what is the fishing like and size of bass? -thanks in advance.

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    plenty good large bass in there , ive got em trolling through with canoe ,in shadow of that walk bridge in the golf coarse ,you can see from hwy,and all way through ,behind hosp- past rail bridge ,can get over grown with weed in this section ,and then theres the lakes on other side .

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    Thanks childers. Besides canoe access, do you know of any boatramp or boat launching access into the areas?

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    the good old council has tried to close off all public all public ramps,can put in a couple spots if you can lift up your tinny ,

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    na mate drive you're car down under the bridge near the IFS petrol station (clear island waters) and you can back a tinny stright in there ans you can get all the way down to robina and mudgee and so forth do it all the time you have to work for the bass there but its not very easy mate


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    Re: Robina Lakes

    There is bass stocked in there, no many tho. The Australian Bass Association formed a management plan a couple of years ago for CIW. Prior to that there were some wild fish in there, perhaps they still move in & out of there via the lock.


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    Re: Robina Lakes

    Does anyone know if the bass closed season includes Robina lakes as it is technically part of Mudgeerba Ck. Or can it be fished year round like the dams?

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    It is closed season.

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    Thought so. Ta

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    Re: Robina Lakes

    cough cough sorry dusty old thread but thought I'd update the last comments made, clear island waters is now classed as non-tidal therefore closed season for bass fishing does not apply to this waterway system.

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