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Thread: New Parallel Runway

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    New Parallel Runway

    Was surfing the web the other day and came across an interesting site on the new runway and how they want to source the fill from the middle banks region of moreton bay, some interesting info for anybody who fishes that region... The website is New Parallel

    Cheers Donnan.

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    Re: New Parallel Runway

    There are actually 6 volumes of books published on the runway and the exspanion of the runway.
    People who needed to be informed to wage a fight where but I guess now its just a done deal like amy others.I hope the moreton bay and island closures dont share the same fate.

    Cheers Troy

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    Re: New Parallel Runway

    Didnt know about that, very interesting reading about how the bay was thousands of years ago. Oh well cant stop progress i suppose...


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