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Thread: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

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    Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    I have just read this one AAP

    Wonder how true it will be?

    Tuesday August 21, 03:13 PM
    Popular fishing spot saved from EPA ban
    A popular fishing spot north of Brisbane has been saved from a fishing ban after Premier Peter Beattie learned it was included in a wide-ranging environmental protection plan.
    Redcliffe jetty, a location favoured by families and weekend anglers, will not be included in the so-called "green zones" currently being considered by Queensland's Environmental Protection Agency.

    The zones are designed to protect a range of habitats and species in Moreton Bay Marine Park.
    A draft plan is expected to be released for comment at the end of the year, and finalised in the second half of 2008.
    But already anglers are unhappy with the consultation process, and the places of interest being considered.
    In state parliament on Tuesday, Redcliffe MP Lillian Van Litsenburg raised concerns the EPA had determined the closures before the consultation was complete.
    "What guarantee can you give my constituents that their voices will be heard?" she asked.
    Environment Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr said the process was genuine, but was being hijacked by political and other interest groups.
    "I am concerned that needless scaremongering from certain groups is actually doing your constituents a disfavour because it's sending out unnecessary fear into the local community," she said.
    "We have absolutely no intention to close down recreational fishing in Moreton Bay, and certainly not by 2015 as it is claimed by some fishing writers.
    "Mums and dads will still be able to wet a line at their favourite fishing spot."
    Mr Beattie later said he hadn't seen the areas of interest map that included Redcliffe jetty.
    "My view is that people have been fishing off the Redcliffe jetty since Adam and Eve were in shorts and they should have the right to continue to do it, but let's see the full proposals," he told reporters.
    A spokesman for Mr Beattie later confirmed Redcliffe jetty had been removed from the plans.
    Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney said the consultation process was "suspicious".
    "Everyone who uses Moreton Bay needs to be very suspicious about the government's intentions with the fishing zones," he told reporters.

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    Yea, but that leaves the Scarborough Reef off Castlereagh Point, and Scotts Point.

    "The zones are designed to protect a range of habitats and species in Moreton Bay Marine Park" What a joke. Unless industrial / urban development and runoff into the bay is controlled, there is no chance of protecting habitats.

    Fisherman access only a limited number of species in the bay (7) so any fishing management should focus on those.

    Question - Who do you ask about fisheries management?
    Answer - Any government department other than DPI&F

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    This is copied from a post by Derek Bullock in the News section:

    "From Todays ABC

    No decision yet on Moreton Bay green zones: Minister

    Posted August 20, 2007 08:06:00

    Queensland Environment Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr says there has been no decision to close areas of the Moreton Bay marine park to fishing.
    A group of recreational fishers met at Shorncliffe in Brisbane's north-east yesterday over concerns that areas of the bay have already been earmarked for closure.
    Scientists have said at least 10 per cent of the park should be turned over to protected green zones.
    But Ms Nelson-Carr says a draft plan should be released in October and a decision on the park will not be made until next year.
    "All I can say is it's based on some misinformation that's probably circulating," she said.
    "We have ongoing consultation which is not over yet. No decision has been made about Moreton Bay.
    "The only thing that I can say conclusively is that we want to protect the bay for the future.""

    So..according to the Minister, the Premier is now making public announcements that are based on misinformation...amazing isn't it. When we comment it is based on misinformation yet the Premier can make out he is the good guy.

    "Mums and dads will still be able to wet a line at their favourite fishing spot." I hope that is any fishing spot that is their favorite or just the ones like the Redcliffe foreshores??

    I would not trust this mob with anything.

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    i find it an insult that our good premier can wave his magic wand and the area around redcliffe jetty can suddenly be removed from an "area of interest". kinda makes me wonder about the "science" that put it in the "area of interest" in the first place.

    does this set a precedent for other "areas of interest"? have they been designated by less than scientific means? can they be diminished by a wave of the beattie magic wand too?

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    Minister for Environment and Multiculturalism
    The Honourable Lindy Nelson-Carr

    Redcliffe Jetty to remain iconic fishing location Popular fishing spot Redcliffe Jetty will continue to be a place of recreation and enjoyment for fishing enthusiasts.

    Environment Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr said despite scaremongering by certain groups, the Redcliffe Jetty would not be closed to recreational fishing and was not mentioned as a place of interest in the consultation.

    "The waters 100m south of the jetty are some of a number of areas identified as having a high conservation value which means they play an important part in the health and ecology of the Bay," Ms Nelson-Carr said.

    "The jetty itself was never mentioned in the EPA 's areas of interest and was never targeted for closure.

    "The red rocky shores at Redcliffe are peculiar to this area, and give the city its name. These volcanic rocks, with lots of holes, provides shelter for a wide range of shellfish and other marine animals," Ms Nelson-Carr said.

    Member for Redcliffe Lillian van Listenburg said a representative area of this unique Redcliffe bioregon should be given protection however it was a matter of working with the community to find an appropriate area that has minimal impact on fishers.

    "People tell me they bring their grandkids to the jetty to fish and they are proud to have such a pristine environment close by," Ms van Listenburg said.

    "I'm pleased that this area will continue to be a special spot for families and fishinging enthusiasts."

    Consultation on the Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Review is continuing, to have your say visit

    Media contact: Karla Steen 3336 8004

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    that’s what sweat Pete does, he would have got the redliffe jetty purposly added to the list then make a big fella of himself by taking it off…..unfortunately if there was an election today he would romp it in , because he is a good politician, but couldn’t run a choco vine over a sh@thouse .

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    I can't believe the absolute arrogance of Pete.

    The Redcliffe Jetty announcement has made me more annoyed than ever with the EPA bullying.

    Does he think we all fish off the jetty.

    What about the places where we do fish like Hayes Inlet, Scarborough Reef, Western Rocks, the beach at the north end of Moreton Island, Shallow Tempest, north end of Deep Tempest, the Trench to name a couple of places that will be closed.

    By making the jetty announcement he has proved he CAN overturn the EPA zoning and that the Moreton Bay closures are nothing more than political posturing to appease the greenies.

    I'm a union member but I'll never vote labour again if they continue this course.

    Yes Pete ( and D Rudd), WE DO FISH AND WE DO VOTE.


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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    I have been watching this with interest as well as some of the comments. If you look at the maps the Redcliffe Jetty WAS NEVER in an area of interest.

    I think the Govt and EPA have it right this time. There is a lot of scaremongering going on.

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    Quote Originally Posted by 4Reel View Post
    I can't believe the absolute arrogance of Pete.

    The Redcliffe Jetty announcement has made me more annoyed than ever with the EPA bullying.

    Does he think we all fish off the jetty.

    What about the places where we do fish like Hayes Inlet,
    Hayes inlet is also NOT a place of interest.

    More scaremongering

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    do you have all 36 places of interest Derek?

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    I dont think organisations like the QGFA are scaremongering.
    I have yet to hear officially that Hayes Inlet is NOT an area of interest. Maybe Premier Pete would like to announce that as well.
    Scarborough Reef certainly is and this will affect a lot of people.
    The other areas of interest can be seen in the Documents section of the scgfc web site (I mention this site because its the only one I'm aware of that has the maps).
    The one labelled Heath Island takes in a large area to the north end of Moreton apparently up to high tide mark so it affect boaties as well as FWD beach fisherpeople.
    Check out the areas of interest and then tell me if people are scaremongering. I will be pleased to be proved wrong.


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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    I find it strange that the Jetty has to be Saved by Pete. They tell us that the areas are areas of interest only and subject to public discussion, blah, blah, blah.

    So then why does something need to be Saved at this point in time.

    Sounds to me like the areas they have marked are the areas that will be. As per usual, public discussion will mean nothing.

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    Pete never saved the jetty because it was never at risk. It wasn't even in one of the areas of interest. We, the general public, did a song and dance and someone said, "What about the jetty". Good old Pete seized on the opportunity for some good publicity.

    The consultation is a process of convincing us that they, the public servants know what's best, not as most people think that they are listening to us.

    As you said, the areas of interest are the final green zones. Wait and see.

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Bullock View Post
    Hayes inlet is also NOT a place of interest.

    More scaremongering
    I stand corrected. Map reference 11

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    Re: Redcliffe Jetty saved??

    Thanks Derek,
    Ok so what do we do next. How do we let the general public know of our plight without being labelled rednecks and troublemakers.
    Most of us are not fish greedy people but are generally conservationists. Shouldn't the EPA be concentrating on educating people to do the right thing rather than waving the big green stick.

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