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Thread: Show us ya Bass!

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    hello everone,
    i just thougt i should put in some more pics of bass, it was this mornin wen i met up with flyfisho who is a great guy even wen my kayak screwd up he let me in his , ur a top bloke chris and unfortunatlely i caught 2 and chris caught 1 but all up it was a great day dont u just love my mates dam flyfisho

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Good stuff Basskid, good to see your having a positive influence on the Flynazi. Check him out when he's fishing with "conventional" gear, beanie on, looking and behaving like a good Aussie bloke. Not so when he's in fly-tosser mode. It's all gloves, scarves, and peach coloured columbia's. And no beers or bourbons, it's all chai tea, or red wine with cheese and crackers.

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Who wears a scarf ? ands no piss what the ? , and I have already told you that shirt is orange , and cheese gives me nightmares .
    you will keep tiger-lilly

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Well here's a video that my mate Jordan and I made a couple of months ago after a reasonablly good weekend at North Pine. Jordan is the one with the cool hat and is swim trolling around the place and I'm the other fella .

    Only the one 50+ caught for the weekend but it was a goodun. Only about 5 were over the 45cm fork mark.

    Enjoy if you haven't already seen.

    Hardb8, I think I met you one time while fishing with Johnny who's got an Alphas Ito and Pixy Rod. I was there with Jordan and he got one of your Jackall Masks off a snag. Also a fella called Tri was there and he has has an Alphas, can't remember rod. I have an Alphas and old school Shimano Exage rod. We were all getting loads of rats.


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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Good to see our Bass gettin some recognition here.A quick thanks from myself to all Ausfishers who've contributed so far .Some great pics added,And a cool flick.....Keep it comin.....I'm enjoying reading and seeing all the additions.

    Hi Troy,
    It was me all camoed up LOL.I remembed Team 5 Piece Feed very clearly.Jordan would have to be one of the keenest Bassers I've seen to date.Nice vid too m8 .

    Cheers B8.
    The underlying spirit of angling,Is that the skill of the angler,Is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish,And that the latter is entitled to an even chance for his life. Regards, Hardb8.Kickin tails and razin scales since 1979.

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    unreal stuff guys,

    keep em coming,

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Hey guys,

    Sweet looking bass!

    Here are some of mine,

    First is my first 50cm + Bass. Spinner Bait.

    Second is my first bass from Baroon Pocket(with Basskid). Spinner Bait

    Third is the average size Bass from North Pine. Soft Plastic.

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    just dug up more pics for this wonderful sportfish hahahah they are so so great

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Heres one from the other morning at Maccas - as you can see thet dam is so easy to catch Bass I can do it in my sleep

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Nice video & fish Troy.

    Swim trolling LOL. ya never know... it might be the next big thing...


    ps. nice hat too

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    hey flynazi where's the peach columbia? was it too cold or something?

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    dug up a couple of my maccas bass from the last 12 months, lookin forward to the next 12!

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    Hey Andrew some of thos Bass look like good fish only smaller , were you trying to clean the lens with a couple of those

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    haha nice work weezer nice rod to bad bout the bass hahah nah really nice fish yer chris keeps tellin me bout his columbia ansd you guys keep ripin on him haha

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    Re: Show us ya Bass!

    sorry nazi nothin can top the peach columbia.......!! thought i'd hold off posting my 50+ that i got on 'conventional' gear while you were busy landing rats...

    yeah thanks basskid that's one of my customs, got some even better stuff in the pipeline...the bass in that pic with the rod was the most spectacular surface hit i've seen, it came clean out of the water and did a complete flip tail over head with the popper down its gob, i didn't realise bass could be so energetic.....

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