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Thread: re.vhf radio licences

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    re.vhf radio licences

    hi guys, I have just bought new vhf radio and I am told I need a licence
    to have on board and to use , does any body no if this true.

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Yup, true enough. If you're in the Brisbane area, ausfisher Subzero does a 1 day course every month or so. It's a good day and even though I've had an aviation radio licence for years, I still found that I learnt quite a bit. If you're elsewhere, contact your local VMR base, they should be able to tell you where to do a course.

    I think technically you can have one on the boat as long as you don't have it switched on - available for emergencies then - but I wouldn't like to have argue the point if someone booked me. I reckon its worth doing anyway.

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    sure is mate. check here, subzero runs the courses


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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    another vote for subzero
    His coarses are very well priced too, and it's a great day

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Lowey!! don't you think you should learn how to actually start your new boat first??


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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Hows it going mate
    The other way to go is to download the book and study yourself and when your ready to sit the exam contact an invigilator but my advise is to do the course as you will learn a lot more .

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    won't be long you'll need a license to scratch ya bum

    good to know though.... Boat's my next major investment...
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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    thanks to you all very much . I will get in touch with subzero .tight lines all

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Just curious guy's
    Do you, in Queensland have to have a licence for a Marine Radio/UHF/Cb etc etc
    If so, Why?
    If Not Why Not?
    What is the Difference
    I Have a Marine Radio in the Boat
    Uhf and CB in the 4wd
    No licence in NSW
    Have friends with VHF in the Boat No Licence required in NSW
    I don't understand
    If I install a VHF in my Boat in NSW(not that I would when Marine radio works just fine) and travel north to Q/Land do I require a Licence to use it?
    If you do not require a Licence to own and operate a Marine Radio in Q/Land, then why would you instal a VHF that requires a Licence?
    I'll be interested in your reply's

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Rob..I think you will find that the vhf cert of proficiency is a federal item and governed by AMSA which would mean you need one Australia wide.

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Yup, you need a licence anywhere in Australia. I am looking at my Marine Radio Operators Handbook from the Australian Maritime College, which quotes the Radiocommunications Act 1992 that you need a licence for ANY radio on a vessel, including 27MHz and VHF (a Maritime Ship Station class licence)

    Do the course !!

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    Re: re.vhf radio licences

    Well you learn something new every day!
    Just had confirmation from NSW Maritime services, and yep you lot are correct (hate saying that about q/landers)
    You do need a Licence to operate a VHF radio.
    Why I don't know, but you do.
    Not for 27Meg though,so I'll be sticking with that.
    Thanks for your knowledge boy's

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