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Thread: Better stop fishing on Mars! Global Warming now affecting the Red Planet

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    Re: Better stop fishing on Mars! Global Warming now affecting the Red Planet

    Kingtin! I Stand with all that is good. Can you disagre with that. Race, colour, or creed, Sorry about my spelling mistakes, but the headline of this post is out of this world. What good can any of the above be of interest.


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    Re: Better stop fishing on Mars! Global Warming now affecting the Red Planet

    Quote Originally Posted by minno View Post
    Kingtin. So What is your answer to the problem

    If I had one mate, I'd be a politician..............on 2nd thoughts..............perhaps I wouldn't 'cause even they don't seem to have an answer.

    There is a school of thought relating to "isolationism"..............that one country shouldn't be involved in another's problems but in a world that revolves around trade, and after Pearl Harbour.............then it's another pipe dream IMHO.

    We, (the people) need to express our concerns at local level (political participation) and impress our views (as the grass roots) on those who represent us (councillors). They, in turn, express our views (which now have to be theirs (if they are to stay in power) on State Legislature, who in turn, express that at Federal level.

    If they fail to represent our concerns, then they're out of a job, but unfortunately, nowadays, there is so little political activity at "suburban level" that the councillors represent their own views, and not those of the average working man/woman.

    I'll cross the line here and say what many would say if not for the fear of being accused as being racist..............Multiculturalism does not work simply because the majority of those who you have been "inducted" into multiculturalism become inducted not because of some patriotic notion that the country they are inducted into is accepting of their culture/ideals/religion but simply because they think that they can better themselves financially by being adopted into that alien culture. They use their adopted "homeland" purely to benefit themselves, and not the country as a whole.............quite or not..................they do not consider themselves as Aussies, although they may claim otherwise. They come here to better themselves, without ever considering that Australia is a better country than that from which they hail. They want the benefits that thier adopted country can provide without being totally in allegiance to that which it represents...........they try to escape their past but do not (subconsciously), devolve themselves of the country from which they came.

    Some, do assimilate, and they should be applauded and held up as a shining example, but unfortunately, most do not, as can be seen by the flagrant flouting of Australian Fishery Legislation by minorities who, "no speaky English".

    Yes, I understand cultural differences, yes, I understand that In their country, anything that can be eaten is fair game, yes, I understand their deprivation at home, but no, I do not understand those who really think we can educate these poor people into accepting our codes of conduct.

    Sounds demeaning and patronisng? Then I apologise, but I reckon if you were to ask them (except in a dole queue), then they would agree..........the majority don't feel Aussie and will never behave in any other manner other than that which their deprived society has taught them to.

    They are in trauma and I think it will take several generations before that trauma is defeated by the realisation that they are indeed safe from that which forced them to migrate. On the other hand, those subsequent generations may well be so alienated by their parent's trauma that they have nothing but hatred and spite for the society (Cronulla riots) that has allowed them to express that hatred, where once their parents would have been "disposed of" for expressing their views.

    The original migrants who emigrated under such traumatic conditions, I can understand, but those 2nd generation?........... They are f******g lucky that they can mouth off in such a manner, in a country that allows them to do so. They, in their all understanding and Allah's wisdom, do nothing other than to decry and denegrate the country that has allowed them the free speech of which, (in the country that they hold so dear), they were previously denied. This has little to do with 2nd generation (although it may seem that way) but more to do with how the first generation (their mothers and fathers), never taught them to respect and acknowledge what Australia had afforded them.

    Whether it was Aussies who made them feel rejected, which I for one, would deny, depite being labelled a whingeing Pom orwhether their own insecurities, I don't know, but you only have to watch the news to see how each ethnic organisation seems to be intent on absolving itself from blame, and defending it's own community rather than addressing what Australian society as a whole would expect of them and how they haven't assimilated into mainstream Australian life.

    Multilpy what I have addressed above by America's migrant problems, and also Europe's and I think any fool can see that even if Global Warming was proven, we will go under from "cultural sabotage' long before climate change will affect us dramatically.


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    Re: Better stop fishing on Mars! Global Warming now affecting the Red Planet

    Thats a interesting view and many would not disagree. Thanks for the opinion and all the best with your thoughts.

    The world has become more and more divided as time goes on. I will sum it up in two words. OVER POPULATION! eg. Put two rats in a box and they get along fine. Put ten rats in the same box and all hell breaks loose and as for globle warming, again, its anyones guess.


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    Re: Better stop fishing on Mars! Global Warming now affecting the Red Planet

    I think it's important people aren't naive about issues such as global warming but I think it's a fact that lots of people are biased in which sources they believe. It's very easy to find comfort in and believe a report (which is not necesarrily from a reputable source) that tells us everything is going to be ok and we can carry on just as we are, without any guilt. It's much harder to read a report that says you have to change what the way you're living your life. It's confronting and much harder to take on board.

    It's always easy to find some source that will support almost any view and express it in a way that sounds logical and believable. So believe whatever you want, you'll always be able to back it up.

    I don't know enough about global warming to make a comment either way but I know that there are people a lot smarter than me who say it's real. So, although I'd like to, I'm not going to dismiss it straight away.


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