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Thread: NSW Election - The Fishing Party

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    NSW Election - The Fishing Party

    You may or may not know that we have an election coming up in NSW in a few weeks. Just looking at the initial list of candidates and The Fishing Party has 20 candidtaes standing for the election. The final list will be available on Monday at

    Great stuff and all the best for each one of them. If they can at least pull the same percentage of votes that TFPQ did in the last Queensland State Election then they will make a difference.


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    Re: NSW Election - The Fishing Party

    Yeah, good luck to you all.

    Thanks a million for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for our great sport. I trust that the thousands of rec fishers in NSW will show thier appreciation with a supporting vote.

    Cheers - Lou

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    Re: NSW Election - The Fishing Party

    are they standing for both Houses down there ??

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    Re: NSW Election - The Fishing Party

    The final count is:

    Three candidates standing for the Legislative Assembly; and
    Twenty Members standing for the Legislative Council


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