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Thread: GNS Endangered. Fact or political Swindle?

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    Re: GNS Endangered. Fact or political Swindle?

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the info about the sharks, as adamy said you down there alot and know what its really like. A couple of question though about your latter comment though and please dont take offence as i'm not after a mudslinging match

    How does a vegetarians tomatoe need more water and nutrients than a meat eaters tommy.

    Why you think that the greens are against sustainable logging. Cause there not their against logging of old growth forests which 90% is turned into woodchips majority of which is exported, using fossil fuels, overseas to be turned into paper than exported back to us, once again using fossil fuels, at a massive increase in price. I should say that far from all paper in aus is from exports,companies like reflex have good sustainable practises and I think that alot is made here as well.

    Also why you think that nuclear waste is good for our dynamic equilibrium,and how plant matter is our most abundanat enery source.

    Please show me where in wrong but I do know a little bit about this stuff more so the vege bits anyway but as i said i'm not looking for a fight so please dont get angry anybody.
    There are different levels to being green IMO fishing isn't a major campaighn for the greens you can get onto bob browns web site a see there current campaigns that they (he) puts the most energy into, even when tool chainey came over from the states Bob offered to take him fishing on tassies best trout streams if he was willing to chat about david hicks' detention. There is also no links to groups like PETA either. They do make deals that affect fisher's thats obvious the lying to keep good reefs closed is what this threads about, just saying not all greenie's are "extreme" as they (we) have been coined.

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    Wink Re: GNS Endangered. Fact or political Swindle?

    [quote=Tony Heugh;589871]Scietists who ignore information which does not support their cause, comprmise their profession. I would be surprised if NSW Fisheries chief scientist Steve Kennelly is not aware of MJ Smale's study:"The diet of the ragged-tooth shark Carcharias taurus Rafinesque 1810 in the Eastern Cape, South Africa".

    If Smale is correct then spearfishermen do not compete for the same food source.
    Smale's study shows from stomach content analyses, that the GNS feeds largely on teleosts and elasmobranchs, although cephalopods are taken to a lesser extent. Clearly the diet of the species consists mainly of squid, cuttlefish and cartalageous species such as other sharks and rays.

    not that i want to look like i'm supporting the Gov. views on this issue but I would like to clarify that Teleost are indeed bony fish (all fish) and so if the study concluded that the GNS feeds primarily on them, it means that the diet is not based on squid, cuttlefish or other cephalopods but rather on fish.

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    Re: GNS Endangered. Fact or political Swindle?

    watch channel 9, sunday show 9am next weekend are showing the article about the sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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