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Thread: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?


    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    why make a poll on this Adamy? Are you saying you can't make a decision on this yourself and want a consensus of other people, many of whom you don't know, to decide for you? And to make the closing of the branch as public issue?

    Is that the sort of leader you are?

    Has the SB branch done anything under your leadership? Have you made any progress?

    Nothing personal there, just a few hard questions to make you think.



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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    I don't think so. I don't think Adam will be coming back. I think we have all had our say on this and it is time to move on.

    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    The whole lot of you need to be Tarred and Feathered, you've done more harm then good, in hanging out your dirty laundry.
    Wether you still a member, still have the power or lost the power this is certainly not the time and place with the up coming fights we have to eer and greive your differences.
    You have turned it into a ring side event, where as it should have been done in more secure surrounds.
    You have certainly put doubts in the minds of present and future members, and those in opposition must be laughing all the way to the next election.

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Well said, Webby. Even though I have a lot of time for people with passionately held beliefs there did seem to be a lot of emotion mixed up with mis-interpretation.

    Little of it was productive and some, as you said, quite damaging.

    All of it was, however, interesting.

    I wouldn't mind being tarred and feathered but only if you leave the chooks attached to the feathers. But then I am a bit kinky

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    WHAT IS THIS absoloute CRAP about the TFPQ
    All I can say is will you people really need to get your crap together or you will lose all credibity and your're footsoldiers.
    Forget the next elections with so much discent in the camp.
    Yes I have a RIGHT to say this as I was one of the people at the last state elections handing out how to vote cards for Shane B ALL DAY on election day with STUFF ALL help and putting up with abuse from greenies. If the TFPQ want to revoke my memebership for speaking out then F ing go for it.
    All I can say is get over it, grow up and be unified.
    I for one wont spend my next election handing out how to vote cards for a fractured party.
    Get the message

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Forgive the spelling and grammar. I was emotional.

    Any way rip out my guts for speaking out. I do care, I'm a rec fisherman and proud of it (also a member of TFPQ for a while any way)


    Forget the infighting. Thats where the opposition groups will beat us

    We are are fighting for a greater cause.
    Let common sense and fishing sustainability rule.
    Come on people prepare for the elections. THEY ARE COMING!!!!!!!

    stu (a rec fisher from redcliffe)

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Hay Adamy since you want to air things in public like this you can air my public resignation from the Fishing Party.
    Shove it mate.
    I'll go back to being a swinging voter. I still fish but Im not putting up with this bullcrap from my so called party leaders???????????????????????????????
    You have lost me mate. You are right Webby, the damage from this will be huge.

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Having watched the thread do enough damage to a party I have nothing to do with, but like the objectives. I think its time for those main people involved to ask the mods to delete this thread before more damage is done. I am pretty sure nothing good can come of leaving it up here.

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    The thread has been creating good debate and there is no need for it to be removed


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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    this is really good coming from you guys, see I am from WA and we have had Bob blurting on about how good the party is and what it has done for recreational fishing, begging us to create our own division for WA.

    this post sums it all up really, You aren't united, which I can see why, bob told us we cant speak out, fark that, if I want to say something I will. I gather from the past posts, this is why Shane left

    Bob told us that the TFP has done wonders/ benefited recreational fishing, WHAT. still waiting for those answers, lots of dodgem cars going on when ya ask serious questions like this, all we get is how bad everything is and how we have been stitched, but what has the party actually achieved ? please enlighten me, because if you guys want unity god knows how ya going to get it, especially when it hasn't done anything for ya 22 bucks in QLD the supposed strong hold, if I am wrong please tell me and I will eat humbled pie , but I have asked these questions and no one has answered them especially from Bob Smith


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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    i am sure someone will give you an answer to your questions..

    but, i think you have missed the point of this thread. it started out as a misunderstanding, as the original comment could be misinterperated, with someone pointing out to adamy, that as Chairman of TFPQ he should choose his words carefully, people in opposition will use anything they can against them. it wasn't meant in malice, it was just someone pointing something out. you can be a member of the party & say what you like, no-one cares, you are just another redneck fisherman ( not a personal comment )..if someone in a position such as adamy says something they can use it, regardless of whether it is a personal opinion or not, he is the chairman of TPPQ bris. sth branch.

    in a position like that it is difficult to voice an opinion..

    i don't see any disunity, just misguided loyalty from a misunderstanding.
    i am sure i will get negative comment from this, but, these are the ones that cause the problem because they don't/won't or can't grasp the situation..

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Thanks Bruce, I got the gist of this thread, but Bob quite clearly made a comment on another fishing forum in WA ,if you are a member of TFP you must quote your number and respect TFP's policies, anything out side of their policies or frame work is a big no no.

    I don't know about you lot, but to me that stinks of dictatorship , and its one of the reason why I wont join, I mean who the hell is he to tell me what I can and can not say when he is 5000km away,

    As I said why has Shane B left, from the posts on here its for the same reason, you guys are suppose to be the stronghold of the fishing Party, it doesn't look like that to me from over the other side of the country.


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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Wake up Wal, there's "dictatorships" everywhere ya look, having a strong leader who does the talking to the public is a necessary part of having a strong organisation.

    I mean it's not really a dictatorship as such because the organisation should be discussing responses to issues behind closed doors (read - arguing like crazy) and then put on their unified public face to respond to the masses.

    As an example, Johnny H would probably love to preach some crazy christian right wing krap to the lot of us but at the end of the day it'd be political suicide so he says what the party spin doctors tell him will be ok.

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    all cool Paddles don't know why I need to wake up, i was just asking a serious question , i just wanted to know what the TFP has done for Qld, has your fishery changed for the better, have they successfully benefited recreational fishing for the greater good. obviously from your post you don't know JACK, just attacking me

    So. if some one from the fishing party in qld, or someone else that doesn't have to speak out of tune, can you please answer the question.

    is that hard

    Last edited by Wally; 13-03-2007 at 05:51 PM.

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    Re: Should the Brisbane South Branch of TFPQ be closed?

    Bugger!! I have to say I have personally stayed out of this thread. It has been absolutely destructive. I have given Adam some advice and Shane knows my thoughts but now in wades Wally so in wades TFPQ OFFICIALLY to this bloody silly discussion.

    Wally I have read the entire 483 post "discussion" on the WA site. I understand your position and have to say, I have been "dissapointed" at the comments made at times by Bob. Part of the reason the Fishing Party, in Qld, has a "strained" relationship with TFP federally is the attitude of the federal "executive" but I am not going down this road.
    So, what has being politically active achieved in Qld.

    The history would take me too much time but in a short potted version.

    * Changed the course of political history by having the "fishing vote" mean enough to change the senate balance of power.
    *Gain a level of political access and influence which had been previuosly impossible.
    *Get a funding package for the industry devastated by the rezonings extended from beyonds its original focus of just commercial fishing to include recreational fishing industry....this might not mean much to the broader church but it means an awful lot to those people who had lost their homes/businesses/families and livelihoods....this cost the Government more than $200M
    *Changed the culture of Government departments in this state to a point where the "fishing vote" will NEVER again be taken for granted. We are real, we are 7% and we matter.
    *Have a very biased survey, which would have further impacted on recreational fishing, removed and shelved.
    *Changed a law of the land. Until 14th December it was a criminal offense to be caught fishing in the wrong spot...CRIMINAL for %$ sake. This was a parking infringement
    *Got a far better deal from the Great Sandy Straights rezoning than would otherwise have been the case.
    *We stopped a tourism pontoon and the subsequent "exclussion zone" which accompanied it in Cairns.

    Wally, we have the ear of Government, we are the fire which now burns beneath the entire recreational fishing lobby "industry".

    What has happened in the last 3 years has been remarkable, frustrating, eye opening and at times beyond belief.

    3 years ago, if we, as individuals, clubs or lobby groups wanted to talk fishing with a minister or local MP we got the usual terse reply or letter from the tea lady to the assistant to the ministers secretary. Now we have direct, instant and effective contact to senators, ministers and MP's. Beyond that we get listened to, we make a difference we get mentioned in media across the state and we can actually influence Government policy, laws and outcomes. Not because we are better, know more or try harder but because fishing, in Qld, means votes...lots and lots of votes...which we collect and "trade"...this is what this is all about. Gather ye votes and what am I bid!!

    I have seen the destructive comments from both sides in WA and most of you, including you Wally, have missed the point. This is about politics. Its not about MPA's, its not a pissing competition about whose science is best or who can do what, it's not about fishing licences and its not about on line's about politics.

    I am happy if this thread now runs on and talk politics. Not destructively but in a positive manner. TFPQ has never had all the answers and has learnt a lot from Ausfishers. I have to say, having read the WA site I learnt absolutely nothing from it other than to recognise, again, that we are a broad church of diverse opionion and to become politically active is a path we wish we had never had to follow.
    But, here we are, with a tiger by the tail,and things are, I honestly believe, better for fishing, in Qld, as a result.


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