Swag camper trailers? Any good?

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[QUOTE=richandpam;1608685][QUOTE=j_man_84;1307915]Hey boys now i need some opinions on swag camper trailers are they any good? They are based at acacia ridge in brisbane. How are the tents? experiences with them? Appreciate any feedback as long as its honest. thanks guys[/QUO
Swag off road campers are so called because they are better off the road than on. In fact even parked in the shed you can see them falling apart. The finer points of these trailers are obviously self-posted. As you can see I am not happy wasting my money on junk. As a pensioner, owning one of these campers has been an unaffordable and disappointing experience. I write this in hope that it saves others a similar devastating experience.
Lemons are lemons and leave a sour taste. Three arrived by truck in 2011, all were un-roadworthy and in shoddy condition. Back to base policy is garbage for repairs, as ongoing problems would send you broke. It is cost prohibitive for constantly occurring issues and no guarantees repairs would be carried out to customerís satisfaction as quality control appears to be non-existent from the initial purchase time, these issues need to be taken to the media to expose the shonky traders in this industry.
Swag Campers appear to have taken control of the Swag Reviews web page , this blocks us from letting people know about their shady dealings, however there are other ways to skin a cat and things that are rotten eventually destroy themselves!![/QUOTE]
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