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Can you replace your EPIRB's battery?

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Barry W asks >

  1. How does one go about replacing the battery if it has been used?
  2. Does it have to go to a service agent or canit be done by oneself.
  3. Also what about price to replace battery.(My old GME epirb could not be fitted with a new battery it had to be exchanged for a refurbished one.


  1. You will need to contact the retailer or better still, the actual manufacturer of the unit to find out what their respective process is. Many have authorised battery replacement centres around Australia or it may have to go back to them at the factory.
  2. Reason it goes back to the centre or manufacturer is because the old battery has to be removed and a serialized registered one, certified by the manufacturer to go back in. Once the old one is removed, it de-energisers the UIN (HEX) code programmed into it. This is the code that is transmitted up to the satellite and sent back to the earth station. Once the new battery is installed, the UIN has to be re-instated or programmed back into it. Considering the manufacturer carries all the liability, they have the obligation to ensure it goes back into an operational mode correctly. Just ask GME about liability!
  3. Battery replacement prices vary by manufacturer. With replacement offers 6 - 10 years out now-a-days, it pays to shop around and weigh up the cost difference for a new one. ALWAYS ask the dealer / manufacturer "does this replacement price include postage / courier costs to and from service centre?". You will find in most cases it doesn't.
  4. Current pricing for a basic EPIRB at around $229.00 for a 10 year battery unit, you will find it won't be worth it. Check out this one is you need one. KTI SA1 EPIRB

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Any more questions - please ask or phone me on 0418 776 862 .. Peter


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