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New to here, not quite new to Angling, Gday!!

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Helo all. I remember being on my Dads boat before i could walk - being taught to fish. My earliest memory is Mum holding me wrapped in a blanket and Dad caught a 3 foot blacktip reef shark off Rottnest Island WA, All i remember is i was small. Like under 2 or something - We have fished our whole lives - Beach, Rock, Estuary, River, Creek, Dam, Deep Sea, Game, Sport and Fly and i am sure if the weather was poor in a Fishtank. I am now 32 and currently on the ANSA executive committee and act as Gold Coast Sportfish Club Fundraiser (Home of the Gold Coast Flathead Classic). I am a IGFA Lifetime Member, Billfish foundation member and a member of Suntaggers QLD. I fish in ABT Tournaments and often act as a deckie on SeaProbe Charters, Gold Coast. I have in the past worked for Peter Pakula making the original Pakula WhichDoctor teasers and famous Skirted Trolling Lures and a stint Worked for Ausprey Tackle. I hold 3 GFAA and QGFA records and been awarded frequent tagging awards. I have won many team and indivual trophies at club and tournament level fishing aboard a few vessels including Pakula Animal, Black Magic, Doubleshot, Too Easy and Maggie R all out of the Gold Coast Australia to name a few. My whole culture is fishing - for preservation - Dad always said take a feed, no worries - dont freeze any, eat what you can fresh and release the rest to fight another day. Well that is my introductoin and 'EgoStroke' LOL but basically I love to fish and am always learning and always teaching. I am a Pharmacist and work to fish. Feel free to email me questions, i am sure i will be asking a few!! Stone. TAG EM' ALL THE BIG AND THE SMALL!

The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct
and strength of the fish and that the latter is entitled to an even chance for its life

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