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Ok I will give an honest opinion here, in my opinion in enclosed waters like the passage there should be a limit of 2per person or 4 pots per boat no matter how many people in the boat, our waterways are a minefield of floats, drifting a bank and fishing can be a joke because of endless lines of floats,its time to slash the number of pots out there.

hi Alley Cat...I don't believe reducing the number of pots per person or max number in boats will achieve much. There is a bag limit on muddies already, perhaps a bag limit on sandies should happen as well. I realise your talking about the problem of getting around the millions of pots and floats, so in that respect it's a worthy suggestion and certainly help this problem.

A lot of people crab from the banks of rivets/ creeks so limiting number per boat is not really fair, just because you are in boat shouldn't mean you have to have less pots than a bloke crabbing off the my opinion.

The problem with no limit on Sandies is that 1 bloke can go out and catch enough to feed the entire street so in this regard reducing pot number to 2 per person would help as well.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of 2 max per person but not a max limit for a boat, People with bigger boats ( who aren't share farmers according to some on here) who can take out several mates for a crab shouldn't be disadvantaged to the blokes with a small tinny.
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