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Breaksea Spit (Hervey Bay) 2013 M&G Nov 8-10

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[QUOTE=Wasted Wages Deckie;1512596]1. Team Sumo, Boat:-Gina Maree, Crew:- Bull, Cobiaman, Horse + TBA

2. The Refined Country Gentlemen, Boat:- Whatever!! (or 2 Deep if it is raining) Crew: Apollo, TryMyLuck

3.Shy guys ,boat:- reel dreams, crew:- shy guy 1, shy guy 2

4. Fish'n'Chippy, Boat:- "SCOUT", fishing solo (very much forcast dependant) I will be taking up 1 of the secure parking spaces

5. Muddy toes:- A Salt Weapon, Crew:- Floyd and his wife, maybe a tiler maybe not.

6. Team Old Salt- Captain seaweed, Boathog, Giffo, The lump

7 Humdinger crew me and Matt

8 Fishfeeder and Tangles

9. Stansy Boat: TIME-OFF crew, Mark, Glen, Rod rpt1984

10. Schulzy Boat: OFF TAP crew, my self and 2 undecided deckies

11. Marvin - Boat Whitehorse2, Kev and crew TBA. I can only do wed, thurs Friday as have work on the Weekend, so see you if and when I can on Friday.

12. Cheech's Charters - Cheech and DJ.

13. Team Cant - Any C - Wardie, Stuie (TBC) + Package

14. Tinshack - Vessel either mine or darren's, Crew me + darren +1

15. Saffa - Wasted Wages - Duran + Shaun

16. My Rules - Mike - Dave
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