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Looking 4 history..1940? Swansea commercial fishing launch Started by Viscount, Yeste

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[QUOTE=Viscount star;1475493]1950s Fishing Boat, NSW

For sixteen solid weeks two ladies have worked hard to restore what they believe to be a Lake Macquarie fishing vessel dating from 1950.

The project was purchased on online shop for $600 on December 31st 2012. In summary, the restoration has in involved:

Redesigning and enlarging the cabin and adding perspex windows to create protection from the elements
Stripping back and repainting inside and out
Installing new seats
All engine gear including shaft & steering wheel
Yanmar 20hp diesel (at a cost of $7,000)

Viscount star cost.

600. Boat online shop detective Dave wilkinson
177. Bondcrete
82.50 name& number
177 primer bullseye 123
150 white & grey top coat
66 window trim 3mm rubber
100 seats grey marine swivel
500 marine ply & perspex
249 screws bronze silicone
10 glue vise
70 emer seal pu25 construction filler
65 horn
45 bollard small
145 grab stand
70 bollards & cleats
$7000 yanmar 20hp diesel minarets
1200 fuel hose water hose clamps cables throttle steering mounts
1500 mechanic
850 canvas
30 Underwater primer

The total restoration cost, including the initial purchase price, $13086.50

Finished 26.4.13

If anyone can provide further information about the history of this boat please contact
Jo Kay [email][/email]
Sandra Huxley. [email][/email]
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