Yak Overnighter

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First overnight fishing trip - Headed out for spot x (found on google maps) for an overnighter session in the yaks along the brissie river

Got there around 12pm midday, on the water about 12:30 with all supplies packed on the yak.

Very very slow afternoon working just about every snag along the banks for nothing!

The guys at the local bottlo reccomended that we troll hardboddies and use bait (we laughed when they mentioned bait) and took no notice.

Around 3-4pm with not one bass caught, i thought id have a go trolling and then straight away, BANG, on.

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As soon as I was on, all my mates ditched the snags and started trolling.

At about 5pm we had about 20 bass caught between us all (all small), with 1 or 2 catties.

Its almost sundown at this point so we setup camp.

Started a little fire, cooked up some sausages and had a few beers.

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Up again at 6:30 for another day of trolling. Plenty of small sized bass caught, Biggest one at 39?

Great trip, definitely will be going back, maybe with warmer clothing next time, it was bloody cold!

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