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Kevlacat 6.2 Tournament- Towing vehicle

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I have owned a 1995 Kevlacat 6.2 tournament for a few years now and am at a point in my life where I want to change my vehicle but feel restricted by the size/weight of my boat.
It has been towed it with a VDJ79R series Landcruiser in the past and for the last year I have been towing it with a VDJ76R. I have since moved into the city in the last year and my car does't fit in the garage and sits out in the weather for the weeks that I work away not to mention the fact that a jacked up v8 cruiser with 33's is not the most comfortable car to be doing city km's in nor is it comfortable towing long distances.
I do have a budget on what car i want and the 200 series LC is out of the question.. which leaves me with with the Ford ranger XLT 3.2l, comfort tech low km's and looks all in the one for a fraction more of the price i paid for my basic workmate.
I have been searching forums and towing reviews for weeks and found a couple reviews that have rated the ford ranger ahead of the 70 series LC which is hard to believe considering that everyone i have asked has told me the landcruiser is better for the task.

Has anyone had experience towing 3+ Tonne with a Ford ranger XLT, does it handle every bit of its 3.5T capacity?
would also like to hear what others tow there Kevlacat's with and anyone's experiences towing with a 70 series LC..

Thanks for any feedback!
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