Wednesday overnighter off Seaforth Qld

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I finally got the motor sortedso it was time to give the fully rebuilt powerhouse it's first maiden voyage. Idecided not to go to far just in case we had any problems so I had some marksthat I hadn't tried @ about 80km out. The weather forecast for WednesdayThursday was good so an overnighter was on the cards. We launched @ Seaforthand set off in better than average conditions. With a flat sea it wasn't longbefore we got to the spot and sounding around come across a good show, so inthe lines went. As soon as the line hits bottom I get smashed and after a goodfight the first fish is a nice trout, with Dad onto a good fish also. Hisappears to be having those unmistakable big head shakes of a Red fish. Thecall was right with a nice large mouth Nanny hitting the surface. The fish wereon the chew and luckily we bought a fair bit of bait as we weren't getting thenormal iodine bream or hussar coming aboard. I was also amazed how good the taxman was without loosing hardly any fish to the, "Grey Suits". Atnight the table fish seemed to shutdown and out come Large catfish andtrevally. It was a good fight with a double head of trevally which was kept forslab baits. We'll the time had come to head for home and the sea was that goodyou could have skied the whole way back. The motor was now proven and the ringsjust getting bedded into the new block. She ran like a dream and didn't miss abeat, "thank God", so that was a huge weight off the shoulders.Here's a few pics of the trip.

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