• Trevally

    BEST BAITS: Yabbie; pipi; sea worms; white pilchard; 1/2 blue pilchard; lure.

    There are a large number of species in the Trevally family, from the very abundant, smaller swallow tail trevally to the large ocean going trevally. All are excellent fighting fish and make good eating. (Bleed fish on capture to produce best flesh.)

    Deep, close in beach gutters, and run outs with white water are good locations to find these fish as well as off rocks. Traces up to 60 cm long can be used to attract these greedy feeders. Smaller fish travel in shoals but again the larger fish are fewer in numbers.
    Much of the same fishing procedures discussed in the tailor section apply to these fish.

    The trevally have small soft mouths, so do not use over a No. 2 size hook. When a fish bites lean and wind, do not strike with the rod. If you ever hook into a larger member of the trevally family such as the Golden or Snub Nose trevally you will experience the thrill of your life bringing one of these fish to the beach or boat.
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