• Mulloway (jew)

    BEST BAITS: Live poddy mullet, beach worms, yellowtail or tailor fillet, whole small squid.

    The first thing you require when fishing for Mulloway is a great deal of patience. Mulloway are usually targeted by an angler and many hours can be spent trying to catch one of these impressive fish. Deep surf gutters, rocky headlands and deep river holes are best spots to seek a Mulloway, at night (new moon) and on the top or bottom of the tide. From May until September is the preferred time.

    Cast out and then play a waiting game. Remain alert. If a Mulloway picks up the bait and starts moving, lean and wind to set the hook. (Do not jerk or the bait will be pulled out of the fish's mouth.) Once hooked a Mulloway will make at least one good run, possibly two. Line will have to be released but the angler should apply controlling pressure to the spool so that not too much line is taken. When the fish tires, start winding, turn the fish and bring it in. Be alert for the second run as the fish comes in close. Repeat the previous procedure until you land the fish.

    A large Mulloway is a very highly prized catch by all anglers and certainly tests an angler's skills and equipment to the maximum. (SPECIAL NOTE:- When you have landed a Mulloway and long runs with a lot of line involved, the line pressure on the spool could be excessive. The line should be run off as soon as possible and wound back onto the spool under normal pressure to avoid damage to your reel.)

    To rig live bait insert single hook through flesh behind the head. (Do not pierce backbone.)
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