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  1. GPS vs non-GPS

    by , 24-04-2014 at 05:16 PM (SKIPPERSMATE - mates looking after mates)
    In summary the answer is simple... GPS. Just ask yourself as the skipper - How long do you want your crew and kids floating in the water wanting to found.

    Read more info from the horses mouth and someone who won't be involved in the search.. AMSA GPS EPIRB

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  2. Quintrex or Stacer

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    You see there's the problem, the dealer is the face/contact of Telwater, they do not deal with the public, even though we expect them to, if your Holden has a problem, do you call GM? if your TV breaks down, do you call Samsung?
    Noel you forgot to mention the way boats are driven and cared for or lack there of by some boaties and yes I have been quintrex owner never had a problem
  3. Allmand 22' New Panga

    Quote Originally Posted by lee8sec View Post
    When does a "panga" cease to be a panga and become a "normal" boat, as in its width to length ratio ?

    They have always interested me as a boat for hervey bay area. Like always, none for sale when i have been looking/ready to buy. Leigh
    Lieghi believe a shipment due end January via gold coast aussie agent just google panga longboats
  4. New to here, not quite new to Angling, Gday!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stone Needham View Post
    Helo all. I remember being on my Dads boat before i could walk - being taught to fish. My earliest memory is Mum holding me wrapped in a blanket and Dad caught a 3 foot blacktip reef shark off Rottnest Island WA, All i remember is i was small. Like under 2 or something - We have fished our whole lives - Beach, Rock, Estuary, River, Creek, Dam, Deep Sea, Game, Sport and Fly and i am sure if the weather was poor in a Fishtank. I am now 32 and currently on the ANSA executive committee and act as Gold
  5. Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stone Needham View Post
    Got a Floppy?

    There are 2 mint NIB, 5 large and 5 medium like mint - and 2 medium/small slightly used 2 medium/small heavily used needing bibs.

    The 2 NIB are original Rublex Floppy in its Garcia packaging made in France but named a Lippy Lure.

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