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  1. Kevlacat 6.2 Tournament- Towing vehicle

    I have owned a 1995 Kevlacat 6.2 tournament for a few years now and am at a point in my life where I want to change my vehicle but feel restricted by the size/weight of my boat.
    It has been towed it with a VDJ79R series Landcruiser in the past and for the last year I have been towing it with a VDJ76R. I have since moved into the city in the last year and my car does't fit in the garage and sits out in the weather for the weeks that I work away not to mention the fact that a jacked up v8 cruiser ...
  2. Felk trailers

    [COLOR=#222222][FONT="Arial"]G'day Shane, dunno whatall the hoo-ha is from the lads above. Bought my new 18 footer from FELK lastweek for my [/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]Quinny 530 and found them awesome to deal with 8-)8-). Myneighbour has been using them for years and swears black and blue by them. I seethem on the road all the time around Newy so assume they must be doingsomething right?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [COLOR=#222222][FONT="Arial"]Support ...
  3. Government pledges $60 million

    Fishers, travellers to benefit as Government pledges $60m for 'sprucing up' Australia's backyard in Budget
  4. Upgraded Classifieds

    Classifieds upgraded to version 6.5.1
  5. 'Stressed out' Barra & Gladstone - tell me what you think is going on.

    [QUOTE=Bros;1328722]Called "Hand up Hand out"[/QUOTOnly in your opinion,others see it for what it is and that's a shortcut out of the industry at our cost ....Matt
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