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    Nah it was just something i have to put down to a lesson learnt, it was just gimbal, knives, pliers etc pretty much all the lose stuff that you think "who will want to take that". more a violation of privacy than something to go to the cops. Since then i pretty much strip the boat. but this really hinders the getting away early in the morning when you have to lug it all from the shed. i have just ordered a travel cover so hopefully its a case of if they can't see it they are less likely to jump into it. and possibly protect it from the eggs.... the second time i left it out they egged the boat. i didn't realise until the sun rose and i was in the middle of the bay. i don't know what i did to piss someone off but at that stage luck was not on my side.

    I have heard so many bad stories of people's gear being lifted. and when you drive around bayside suburbs there are boats everywhere. I'm amazed how brazen the lowlifes are and for that matter how they just don't respect other peoples property. its not like we fell from the sky blessed with means to own boats. We have all made choices and sacrifices which has allowed us to own a boat.

    once again Scalem thanks for the comment

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    Thank you both for comments. this year has gone so quick since i wrote this i have had job change which has caused serious effect to my available time. I'm now working away 4 weeks on 1 week off. but I have managed to clock up some more hours and got to do the first father son trip last week. was fun. It was probably a little ambitious as i needed to give the boat a bit of a run, due to sitting for so long. We left scarborough mid morning weather was great and headed to peel island. Its amazing how much different that end of the bay is. still didn't catch anything desireable just a grinner and some little fish I've never seen before but the little man still had fun. saw some tuna but need to master getting the right distance from the school still had a blast. However i now know why the bay has been described as a washing machine not that it was overly bad just a combination of increased wind and against tide.

    Thanks again guys. i will look into doing a charter i agree no point me trying to reinvent the wheel.

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    May half of your dreams about boating and fishing come true, but the odds are against you, for sure. Now you have a nice boat, maximize your time with young family. That is, don't go out in ordinary conditions where they won't enjoy being bashed around by Moreton Bay slop, provide as much shade, insect repellant, creature comforts as possible, take the time to do the things THEY like doing. If it looks like they are bored with nothing biting, head over to horseshoe bay on Peel, or Tangalooma wrecks for a swim. That's the family taken care of, now for some time of your own. You should have a number of willing crew from this forum, but have you considered booking a charter? Sean Conlon from Moreton Bay Charters should be able to squeeze you in somewhere, there is no better way to understand what techniques work in this part of our waterways.

    Regards finding the time, last service Yatala Yamaha looked at the diagnostic read out of my motor, and torturously said, hang on, there is something wrong here... I thought oh no, here comes a deeper reach into my already busted pockets - he said " You have only clocked 50 hours up in 12 months compared to your average over the last 3 services which was 100 hours. What's going on?"

    Yep Yep! Happy new year, it has to get better!

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    I hear you brother, we work to live mot live to work . I have two garden ornaments, so finding time and lining that up with mother nature is a pain . but persist and when it happens all is forgotten cheers
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    What can one say without a beat'em up thread developing, albeit we feel a lot better after sharing our own experiences ( too numerous these days, I think it is actually getting worse)
    What was taken? Might help to list the things which are easily identifiable, any particular items with their own signature? ie: one of custom rods? Anything engraved? My brother had mag wheels returned to him because he could tell the police specific markings on the inside of the rims. Got the culprits too!! I actually thought you were going to tell us that you came back to the ramp and they had lifted your trailer. My brothers came within a whiskar, they belted the trailer hitch so hard the weld let go on one side.. So its now got such a weld job done on it even thor could not break it! Suckers!

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