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  1. How to Tie a Albright fishing knot
  2. How to tie a Bimini Twist fishing Knot
  3. How to tie a blood knot
  4. How to Tie a Cats Paw Fishing Knot
  5. How to Tie a Centauri Fishing Knot
  6. How to Tie a Common Snell Fishing Knot
  7. How to Tie a Flemish Eye Fishing Knot for Wire
  8. How to Tie a Perfection Loop Fishing Knot
  9. How to Tie a Twisted Leader fishing knot
  10. How to Tie a Uni Knot Fishing knot
  11. How to Tie a Haywire twist fishing knot
  12. How to Tie a Sliding Snell Fishing Knot
  13. How to Tie a Tony Jones Leader Fishing Knot
  14. How to Tie a Twisted Dropper Loop Fishing Knot
  15. Yucatan Knot for fishing, tying line to line. Braid to mono fishing knot
  16. Nail Knot fihing knot, used to tie two fishing lines together
  17. Palomar knot
  18. Surgeon fishing Knot - for tying line to line or line to leader
  19. Worlds Fair fishing knot for tying line to line or line to leader
  20. Slim Beauty fishing knot
  21. Double uni knot for fishing line
  22. GT fishing knot
  23. Spider hitch fishing knot
  24. FG Knot