Dick Gandy's Australian Boating Manual 4th Edition

The Capt. Dick Gandy – Australian Boating Manual 4th Edition is a hardcover, 968 page boating manual and is a comprehensive onboard operational manual for all boaters, mates and family and a training aid for commercial skippers. The manual includes information on all aspects of boating including handling, weather, safety equipment, emergency procedures, and engineering.

Includes FREE Postage within Australia


Marine training providers use the manual to assist people studying for their Coxswain and Master Class 5 commercial marine licenses and that’s why the manual is Highly Recommended by the following Australian organizations:
  • Yachting Australia
  • Boating Industry Association
  • Shipwrights and Boat Builders Association
  • Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
AUSTRALIAN YACHTING writes..........
For those of us who know everything about boats and boating, and for those who reckon there still might be a thing or two to learn, here is a new book to challenge us all.

If you are banging your head against the boom wondering what to buy fellow boaties this Christmas, consider the brilliant new Australian Boating Manual.