We ship to all of Australia

Heading outback from the city on a camping holiday? Driving across the country? The Kimberley's? Cape York? Doing a geological expedition behind the Pilbara? How do you stay in touch?

Your Mobile phone only works by talking to cellular towers spread throughout the city or town. On the 1800 Frequency (MHz) the Cell radius is about 14km.

UHF radio reaches not much more than 20kmís. You need a world-wide coverage Satellite phone.

We have the Iridium hand held mobile satellite phone available for rent, on a weekly and monthly basis

The Iridium Satellite phone really does give you true global coverage and you donít need to travel miles to find a tower to be able to use it. As long as you have a clear line of sight with the satellites you can use this phone.

We ship to all of Australia

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