Scott and Katrina have worked in Hervey Bayreal estate sales and marketing since April 2007. Hervey Bay is still one ofthe fastest growing coastal town in Australia with so much opportunity andaffordable real estate. We opening our our own agency in partnership with Rob & Kaye Whitney - Whitney Mitchell RealEstate Pty Ltd in July 2012

Scott & Katrina believe establishing goodlines of communication with their clients is the key to a successful sale.Keeping clients involved in every facet of a sales campaign, from listing andpresentation, pricing and marketing to closing the sale & settlement. Witha well-deserved reputation for innovative marketing Scott & Katrina haveembraced technology and recognise the importance of strategically understandingthe online markets, adopting new technologies to enhance their sales success.Scott & Katrina believe buyers habits have changed dramatically and haveinvested significant time and capital to ensure that "we don’t just stayabreast of change - but ahead of it."

Scott & Katrina are acutely aware of their client’s need to achieve the best possible price for their property and pursue this aggressively. Those who’ve worked with Scott & Katrina to buy property also appreciate their commitment to providing efficient, personalised service.Both Scott & Katrina ensure that buyers’ specific needs are addressed and utilise state-of-the-art tools to cross-match buyers with appropriate properties. Scott & Katrina are dedicated to delivering the best possible service driven by results. “Our time in real estate has shown us how important a genuine service mentality is when you’re helping people move; it’s a major life changing event."

Scott & Katrina say "Our integrity,professionalism and empathy are what sets us apart “.

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