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    Shimano Charter Special - questions/review

    I have recently purchased a Shimano Charter Special TR2000LD, matched it with an Ugly Stik Tackle World special rod (TWSPOHH, 8-12kg) and 300m of 30lb fireline ( line is too heavy I know and I will set the drag accordingly , but good for knot strength and abrasion resistance). I havenít even seen it yet and I donít get to use it for another couple of weeks when I get to go out in my sonís boat at Magnetic Island off Townsville (hopefully spaniards and longtails). So without the thing in my hands Iím so edgy that I have to talk to people about it.

    Mooching around the net I have noticed a couple of negative comments re the reelís capacity to take hard treatment (ie that it needs special care in use and maintenance). This is making me a bit anxious.

    I am aware of its limitations as a casting reel, but have spoken to a couple of owners who swear by the reel for light trolling and livebaiting.

    I also found a good review of the reel on an american site:

    This opens with a black page that you have to scroll down to get the review.

    Anybody out there who actually owns one of these reels who feels that it is difficult to look after? Does anyone know where I might find info on how to properly care for the reel or how I might get the best out of it?

    As you can no doubt tell from the above, I am a novice at this type of fishing (usually toss pilchards at tailor with an Alvey)- so any info gratefully received.

    PS - Assuming I do sometimes want to cast Raiders - does 80 grams seem the approriate weight for this outfit?



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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    hi tony,

    we have a charter special with 50lb braid on a 8kg live fibre rod.

    on our boat it is the big fish setup. for some reason this setup has caught a 16kg and 15kg red emperor (cleaned wt) and a 28kg yellowtail kingfish (released) throughout its life, plus heaps of other critters, including big yellow sweetlip, snapper etc.
    so far (touch wood ) it has given about 5 years of trouble free service.

    my brother in law owns it and he is pretty hard on gear. ie: a quick hose down is about as much maintenence as the reel gets.
    i always like to see it on board when we go out
    for a little reel it has performed very well, considering it has been pushed to its limits on alot of occasions.

    i guess like anything shimano- it is pretty good quality
    best thing about it is that has a common uncanny knack of catching the big fish.

    hope yours is blessed with the same karma 8) 8)

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    Maintanance for that reel is much the same as for any reel, always wash it off with fresh water as soon as you return from your fishing trip. Always wash gently (not high pressure hose as this can push salt and sand etc into the reel) Store with drag pressure off. lubricate external moving parts with a light oil. Pay extra attention to the worm drive, avoid getting sand or grit on the worm, apply a coat of light grease to the worm drive regulary. Avoid dunkings in salt water. Have your reel serviced on a fairly regular basis, and store in a clean area away from sunlight.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    G'day Tony,I've owned a TR 2000 LD for about four years,I use it most weekends.This reel has only one major fault that I can detect,the main bearing shits itself on a regular baseis,I have used five in the time I have owened the reel(actualy the fifth is siting on the bench ready to be put in one night this week.) It is probably the easiest reel I own to strip and service so replacing the bearing is no big deal.I shy away from regularly greasing this bearing because the body screws go into a graphite body and I don't want to use oversize screws until I have to,I have a tendancy to over tighten every thing,if you don't suffer from this,maybe a service on this bearing every three to four outings would over come the problem.Another slight problem I have encountered is with braid on mine,I use Platil Millenium Hot Fiber and because of the slow speed the level wind travels across the spool my line tends to "stick" to the spool,it never digs in to the bottom layers,but it makes it nearly impossible to cast,a different braid may be more user freindly,even so I don't think any thing more than a lob is possible with this reel.Inspite of what I have writen,I think they are a very good reel,the drag is silky smooth on mine still and they are easy to work on.I don't think you will be at all disapointed when yours turns up.

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    Is that bearing problem due to rust or some other type of failure?
    Im not sure wether the older models had the anti-rust bearings or not like the new ones do.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    i own one that i use for baottom bashing, float linning and chaseing kings with it and i have yet to have trouble with it
    the only thing i hate is i have 16lb fireline and i would love to ether get 30lb or just go straght to 10kg mono (only hate it becase it cuts when a hard running fish takes off)
    the reel i love and i'm going to change line and get a better rod for it to sit on

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    Yes Tony(Agnes Jack)it is the old bearings and rust is the problem.I have only in the last week got my hands on an ARB,I will put it in soon and see how it goes.

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    Mate I have recently purchased one and so far I am happy with it.
    Pro Tackle in Townsville will give you all the advice you need with regards to maintenance.

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    I was checking to see how far I can push mine today.
    It is quite happy to fish up to 8kg of drag. I upped the drag to 15kg and broke something inside, I think it was the antireverse. I have had yellowfin strip more then 250m of 30 pound braid against 5kg of drag and had no problems. If your reel seat doesnt have locking nuts then buy the Shimano reel clamps for the TLD series. It prevents the reel from moving around. Put the bolts of the clamp in first before spooling the reel with line. Make sure that you wind the line on very tightly to prevent it from digging in. NEVER ADJUST THE DRAG KNOB WITHOUT PUTTING THE REEL INTO FREESPOOL OTHERWISE WILL DAMAGE THE DRAG. If you have to stop a fish in its tracks, lock the spool with your thumbs and make sure that the levelwind is in sync with the line comming of the spool

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    A lot of really useful information in response to my question. Thanks everyone.

    Its obvious that I will need to break into the piggy bank and buy a separate spinning outfit. I'm looking at the narrow spooled abu 7000 - I hear that they are more robust than the 6500 - though as with everything opinions differ.

    Many thanks again


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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    Tony they are a very good Reel and like said previouse easy to maintain..
    Banshee, you mentioned about the number of main Bearings the reel has gone through??..
    Ive had one go on mine and it was due to corrosion caused by salt Spray finding its way in via that small weep hole bottom of the Reel(I think??).
    Problemo solved via packing the bearing with some marine grade greese and also turning it around in its housing so the exposed end of the bearings dont show..
    Bearings that come with said reel have an exposed side and a covered side if thats the right way to explain it ???....
    Mindya i would no longer order original bearings for it but go to my local Bearing supplies and get one much cheaper....

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    I have a Daiwa equivalent to that reel LD50H. I have had it for 3 years now. All the maintenance I give it is a wash after fishing. It has performed beautifully and it even still looks new. I use it for everything bottom bouncing trroling and it was my first LBG reel unitl I got spooled for the first time.

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    G'day Volvo,I have turned the bearing around and I use the same grease in it as I use on my wheel bearings,I think I may be loving this reel to death,after each outing I drizle warm soapy water over it then lightly rinse of under the kitchen tap,I'm starting to think that the soap may be breaking down the grease.The new bearings(ARB) are open both sides so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

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    Re:  Shimano Charter Special - questions/revi

    Hi Tony
    I also have two Charter Specials,Mainly use em for towing for spotties , small Blues and Snapper fishing,Used every thing on em from 15lb mono to 50lb braidand love em.As the other Guys said the only fault is the inner bearings on the older models I've replaced a set of bearings,but thats over a 5 year period and looks like one might need another set now.But they get a fair floggin at times.The newer models have got a better s/s bearing so that might fix that problem

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