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    Lubricating a bait caster

    I have a Shimano BC200 bait caster, whats the best way to lubricate these units ? I have searched Shimano's web site to no avail

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    Re: Lubricating a bait caster

    I don't specifically know the reel you are talking about, but the principles are the same. Use oil to lubricate the knobs of the handles, the bearings at either end of the spool and the line laying mechanism - worm drive etc. Use grease sparingly on the gears. The drag is most reels should not be greased or oiled, so make sure it is clean and dry.

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    Re: Lubricating a bait caster


    Get hold of some TG's rocket fuel and some Cals Universal Star Drag and reel grease

    If you can't get it from a local store you can get it from Jack Erskine direct

    I'm using the yellow label rocket fuel in my Calcutta 200's and this stuff works great


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    Re: Lubricating a bait caster

    So I need to remove the screws on the outer case and get inside ?

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    Re: Lubricating a bait caster

    See for a top description.

    Rocket fuel is great oil, but use only a single drop. A table of lube viscosities can be found at
    Low viscosity is generally good, but too low and the reel becomes superfast and hard to control.


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    Re: Lubricating a bait caster

    Kewl, thanks

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