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    What G Loomis

    Now just came back from Fishing {Awoonga} and need a new rod because l just broke the tip off my mine They say they will replace it free of charge but l thought about a G Loomis 5,6 no longer... Now l fish for Barra what the best to use
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    Re:  What G Loomis

    CR664 GL3 may be the go! 5'6" exactly. Top Barra rod!
    Cheers Les

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    Re:  What G Loomis

    Gday awoonga
    Bad news to here about your rod , seem to keep hearing about these Loomis rods braking when barra fishing . Been looking at impoundment barra rods myself and I keep looking back towards the Livefibre . Good rep for strength but a bit more weighty than the full carbon fibre rods . Be good to see what suggestions you get .

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    Re:  What G Loomis

    If you are into building rods, there is a new blank in the Samurai range called the NV7, has been developed for dam barra fishing with braid lines. Frogley's rep told me about it last week.

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    Re:  What G Loomis

    Beter value for money are Angler Rods made here in Aus.
    been using a Stealth IMG40 664 4-6KG 5'6" casting lures all day is a pleasure
    even down to 8 grams and has more grunt that truck load of pigs and will
    save ya over $100.00 and has a great warranty.
    Cheers Les.

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    Re:  What G Loomis

    Have found the 664 to have a bit to slow an action for my taste.
    I like the 665, it'ill pop bomers till the cows come home and is still light enough in the tip to flick smaller lures when required. 8)

    Just my thoughts
    Wild Side.

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    Re:  What G Loomis

    Check out the gloomis spinnerbait series - SBR 820J is a very nice rod

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    Re: #What G Loomis

    Hi mate.
    Used the loomis 665 and 666 in the past.Lucky enough to land some 25kg plus ladies on them.Only available in made up form,not blank.
    I know the guide at Faust loves his PC stealths 667s.
    He has had a bit of bad luck with the Live fibre Texaliums.I think he was up to number 4-5,BROKEN

    Of late,have been rolling rods from the #Hastings company.Graphite US.Pioneer,Uniteda and Graphite US.
    Great 5'6"blanks,fast action,strong bottom end.Graphite/ glass scrim combo ,thicker walls than the Loomis.The range has blanks simmlar to the Loomis,s 664.665,666,667.
    IMHO better than Loomis.
    Yep big call from a Loomis Lover.
    Cheers George

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