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    No idea

    Went into a local c/converters today and saw 2 used dillies around 8 ply mesh for $25. I said to the salesman that they are $5-$6 to buy new. The w#nka said " i don't think they are as good a qaulity as these". Mybe i should by some cheap ones and take them in and sell them and get a profit
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    Re: No idea

    get alot of that crap. f'n w@nkers

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    Re: No idea

    I took MO Tackle catalogue into Crime Converters one time as they had double the RRP on a rod/reel combo. The stiff in there basically said if you don't buy it someone else will.

    In saying that, sometimes they have good stuff dirt cheap simply because they don't know what it's real value is.
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    Re: No idea

    once looked there at a telephoto lens, was in reasonable cond. had salesman telling me what a bargain at that price. me being mr.suspicious cynical bast**d that i am decided to take a walk & think about it. found a camera store around the corner closing down 50% off all items, bought same lens, brand new in box $40 cheaper than his [s]possibly stolen[/s], whoops, 2nd hand one. went back in just to let him know he was a ripoff, last i saw he was heading to camera shop to stock up on lenses

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    Re: No idea

    Yep, don't buy at Crime Converters just because the stuff is there. Do your research, know the price you intend to pay and shop around. It's possible to save some serious $'s


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    Re: No idea

    Yes, the good ol' "crap converters" , you steal it we deal it.

    sorry just had too.....


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    Re: No idea

    ain't their fault if some dope thinks a dilly at $25 must be a bargain. It's buyer beware! Just because it is in a second hand shop (or at the markets or whatever) doesn't mean it is cheap. You have to know what it is worth new.

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