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    Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!!

    Guys - if you live on the Sunshine Coast get over to the new tackle store on wises rd - in the corner of the site and sound centre on the old Aussie Rules Ground Site. I was blown away by the amount of gear they had in there - If you cant find it in here then I dont think its been made yet - I was lucky to get out of the store just with 400 metres of line I went in for. But it is calling me back already. They also have camping stuff and all boat accessories, navigation centre etc. Its a Mega Store............lots of shiny new stuff for sure! Dangerous - is less than 5 minutes from home, better not get bored!!

    Happy spending.

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Could you give me the name of the shop.
    I'm not a local, but I do get down there from time to time.


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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Tar. I think it's called FBC [fishing boating camping] and opened up places every where, there is one here in goldcoast as well, but didn't see the prices any cheaper though.

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    sounds like u work in mid level management for the company bigmack, sorry, but have noticed a couple of familiar sounding posts promoting the new big chain store that you are - if i want tackle i'll pay the price at professional tackle retailer.

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    Re: #Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    new one opened on the gold coast last weekend

    i did go for a look
    nothing there that i couldnt get anywhere else and the prices didnt seem to be any cheaper

    ill support the local guy with good local knowlage that has been there for a lot longer


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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Negative guys - I do not work for the tackle shop. On the coast we have a couple of small tackle shops which have been very very good and mostly I shop at Maroochydore Fishing World because i like talking to the owners about whats happening around the place - in particular I have enjoyed chatting to Trapper - who is known as someone who could catch fish out of a car boot! and the owner and his wife - they are happy to share info etc.

    We also have another relatively new place called Sammies on Aerodrome Rd which also has an amazing amount of stock on display - no need to be sceptical, all these places are professional tackle type shops and if you like looking at new stuff and there's heaps of it - go have a look. Yes it is BCF but I didnt mention the name because I thought it might be against board rules to name places.

    I thought I would post because most fisho's I know like to go have a look for themselves.


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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    can someone tell me whats with the auto remove spam thing in my post - all I did was repeat what someone else already wrote????

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    ps: I didnt post a URL !!!

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    That's a campmart store that's been re badged BCF. One of Bob Thorne's hobby stores that opened the other weekend....we'll see how long they last...

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    ill stick to supporting Wayne and Barb at Maroochydore Fishing World.. been going to them for fishing gear since i was 9.. and im now 23..

    support the local guys.. fellas complain about prices.. well.. no bloody wonder, you go buy stuff from the big chains.. they can play with the profit ... the little guys.. well.. since your not buying stuff, they have to raise there prices to stay open... if you support them more, there prices will decrease!


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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Yeah right .... Its all ok if ya got heaps of cash to flash
    30% is not much on a bag of 000 sinkers. But when ya talking lures, braid, reels 'etc that 30% could be several hundred bucks a year...
    Think i will keep that in my sky rocket thanks

    Cheers Les

    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Is this the same store chain as one that has been recently renovated at Lawnton ? If it is I can understand what you mean about range of product. We were in the Lawnton Store on Sunday afternoon and got to talking to one of the shop assistants in the fishing section. He was very helpful and willing to talk to someone who is not a super fisho nor interested in $500.00 rods or $30.00 lures.
    I will shop anywhere where they understand customer service, and are willing to afford people advice and assistance no matter how much they want to spend, points that some of the so called specialist stores cannot fathom.

    Regards Cameron.

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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Sorry here guys but I will have to throw my hat in the ring with Zeeke.
    Yeh sure I will go and by to odd bit form a major but 90% of my day to day gear I will go to my local. They scratch my back i scratch theirs. They are always there with good info and a chat. Not saying these others guys aren't.
    Went for a drive to the Lawton store myself 3/4 weeks ago. Gotta say the guys there seem like good fellas. But still I will always give my local first option then if they dont carry it / or cant get it in the I will shop around.


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    Re:  Callin' all Sunshine Coast Tackle Rats!!

    Yep I gotta agree with other blokes here and say that I will only spend what I have too. If the the little guy will come down close to stay competitive with the big guy, then I will purchase. If its the same product then the cheapest deal gets the sale. I like the little guy better personally their service is usually great but I dont want to give him more than I can purchase it for somewhere else. The little guys margins may be tight and so are mine. $10 or more is far better off in my pocket, than some merchants cash register. In saying that I have no loyalty to any particular store.


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