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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Quote Originally Posted by raefpud
    my love of fishing tackle has cost me a relationship,a job almost made me bankrupt and given me a reason to travel across the world - I'd say set a budget and spend only what u can affford - expensive tackle doesnt catch more or better fish

    Cost you a Realationship????wtf, and yup raefpud was right on the money wont catch you more fish!! If you havent got a decent gps/plotter or sounder id be putting money into that first!



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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    lmfao @ dane!

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    If the price tag was the same as every other rod i believe you wouldnt feel too much difference! I find that the more something costs it feels as though us humans want it more! This is what i reckon about loomis rods! If they werent so expensive their name wouldnt mean much. All the name resembles to me is the price tag not how good the product is! Yes i have used em before and wouldnt part my hard earned money with one when i can purchase a rod at half the price tag and will do as equal a job as the LOOMIS!........LOOMIS must spend more money on marketing to justify a price tag like that!

    My veiw.......Hope you get what i mean!


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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    In my opinion, having used G Loomis, Stcroix, Strudwick and a whole plethora of other lesser named brands, I believe that the quality in the more expensive off the rack rods is good, however they are not perfect by a long shot. The blanks are good usually, the way they are designed and constructed with all the fittings handles and so forth might look glossy and pretty but there is generally always room for improvement.
    I am yet to see an off the rack rod that is what i want exactly so i roll my own rods.
    Preferences for brands of blank depends on the required use of the rod in the end, i.e. you do not spend 300 bucks on a 2kg 10'6" surf rod when you can buy a Snyderglas MT4126 for 30 bucks. You might however spend up to about 200 bills on a 24kg sabre standup stroker rod blank in high modulus graphite if you want an ultralight ultra strong rod that you are going to be very careful with hoping not to bruise the graphite with an unintentional bump.

    For my money the brand names like G Loomis and so forth are just that Brand names that are designed to sell. Someone of notoriety will say they are good and ppl will want them cuz that name is "the Best". Ian Miller rods are a classic example of paying for a name without too much quality. They sure look glossy and pricey, but in my opinion they are just another mass produced rod that leaves a lot to be desired.

    Marketing is all about sucking the most money from the buyer as often as possible. Unfortunately the ppl with the money to blow will keep this lousy ploy profitable and the prices way up.


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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Could'nt agree more with you Jack, Roll your own is the way to go, I forgot that, I have built a few rods myself over the years and it certainly gives you the ability to tailor what you want in a rod and know exactly what went into it. you could build a top rod for the price of a Gloomis and still have change. Think of the satisfaction.

    But thats shifting from the original quiry, are they worth the extra $. For me NO. How about a Poll.

    All times wasted thats not spent fishing

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    The comment about a good sounder and GPS is right on the mark. I know a bloke who has more gear than (and that's a lot) and he doesn't have a boat He could have easily did his fishing with about 6 rods and reels and spent the rest on a tinny. He has heaps but doesn't go fishing.

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    I own two Loomis rods, excellent quality, superb balance between lightness and deep grunt.

    One of these is a replacement under Loomis warranty, my own stupidity broke the about 25cm off the top of my 6 year old favorite steelhead GL3, (ocean trout on steroids), so for $50 bucks Loomis replaced it with a near equivalent.

    Are they are worth the money? Yes, there is a finesse about them, it shows when you cast, and it also is evident when you've got something with the weight and muscle on the end - remember these are ocean going trout - my personal best is about 6 kilo's, but they can get up to about 14-15kg.

    Veni, Vidi, Fishi
    I came, I saw, I Fished

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    A 6kg fish around these parts is bait!

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Reading all the responses make me laugh at all the miss information by so called experts.Yes there are rods around that are cheaper and if in your budget, suit your needs.Abu have a great range of graphite rods but use one then pick up qaulity and you soon know the difference.Penn , Abu rods all made in asia.You by Loomis the blank is rolled in there factory it is bound in there factory it is tested in there factory.Some blanks are shipped to oz to be bound to our uses.They were bought buy shimano about 6 years ago.Most of the loomis staff have been there for 10 years or more and they make over 2000 blanks for companys all over the world.
    I will also like to say that I have been a loomis sponsered fisherman and am very biased but to get there you still have to fish with other brands and I have been offered more expensive rods to use.But have refused.
    thanks for reading
    regards Gary
    p.s I you fish rough dont buy one

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    i dout i would own one i think they are overpriced and about as good as i get is a strudwick but i would prefure to put more money into the reel and line
    i have alot of rods that cost under $150 and they are fine and catch plenty of fish also i don't cry as hard when i bust them

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Lures, where do you get off by calling people in here that have an opinion "so called experts". Because someone has an opinion are they an expert??? So your sponsored by LOOMIS who gives a rats! Doesnt make you an expert and if anything makes you more of wa$%ker that has pretty badges on his shirt!! !

    Good fishn to ya and i hope your loomis rod breaks frequently!

    P.S You might wanna pull that LOOMIS ROD outta your ass !!

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    while they may well be good rods, the truth is, the difference in them compared to other rods of reasonable quality & cheaper, would not be really that noticable to the average fisherman.
    if you fish hard all the time you may appreciate the differences.
    probably a bit like having a holden HSV clubsport etc. or a ferrari
    the holden does pretty well everything the ferrari will do without the huge price, the ferrari will go a hell of a lot faster, give a better resale etc. but it can still only do 110k on most roads. this makes it unnessacary . actually i dont think you even get a radio in a ferrari so the clubsport would be a better pick for mine

    get the best you can afford & it will be the best for you..
    don't be suckered into buying something you can't really afford just to wear the lable.

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Bazzaman I dont mind people posting if its true but reading crap when someone ask a reasonble question SHxxts ME.If you read carefully you would have seen that I said theres nothing wrong with cheap rods and if your budget can only afford that and you like it well thats good for you.Its mouths like you that make posting on this site fun.Its is better than being in the boat, getting a bite from tossers like you.Keep putting pictures of your self up someone might be impressed one day.
    regards Gary
    P.S pm me direct people dont need to read about your problems with me

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Well said lures pity you cant put your view across without someone having a shot at you .i dont have Loomis rods but if I could afford one I would love one.
    keep fishing on

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Its people like you (know it alls) and someone who ridicules others for opinions that have been tarnishing this site! I see you only have 60 posts in two or so yrs, shows how much interest you have in this site to start with. I have never commented on anyones remarks like i have to you. You could check every post of mine if you like. Ausfish is a great site and met many good people on here and hope more people like you dont come here to often! Lets see what fish you catch to prove what an EXPERT you are (lets see some photos)!!! You got NOTHING mate!

    May your LOOMIS rod break often!


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