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    g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    buying a new six foot spin rod. contemplating getting an imx or bronze back loomis rod. Is it worth paying the extra money for these rods or would I be better of getting say a samuarai rod or a shimano t curve rod. about half the price of a loomis. Are the loomis rods that good that they are worth paying the extra. would like to hear from people who have used a loomis

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    I use GLOOMIS baitcasters, GL2 & 3, 3 of them, I cannot compare to other rods as I have not used other brands.


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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    I can't say if it is worth the extra dollars exactly, but what I have found historically is that the better quality rods certainly perform better than the cheaper ones. However there are a number of different brands of better quality rods out there, including Loomis, so it would pay to look around. The Loomis rods I own I really like, and the replacement warranty they have gives peace of mind, but I would assume you are paying for it to some extent in the initial purchase price anyway.

    All too often you find yourself going cheap to start with and then shortly after upgrade to the more expensive rod anyway (especially if you get to play with a few), which turns out more expensive.....

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Loomis owners will say yes
    others will say no...
    go figure..

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    DR has a point. Some people will swear by them because they work for he/she but others will find a fault in them that they dont like.

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    i have owned several Gloomis rods in the past - very good rods they are, value for money if you are using them frequently. I agree with what simon T said - u often find yourself upgrading after a while - then again if u only dunk a piece of bait every now and then, an IMX loomis cant be justified for the price. Think about how much u will use it and whether u really need it for the job, oh and some good advice......... hide the price tag from the missus, she will poo herself if she finds u spending $500 on a Loomis. Also be careful because owning expensive tackle can become addictive, I have moved on from Loomis to something much better and much more expensive - my love of fishing tackle has cost me a relationship,a job almost made me bankrupt and given me a reason to travel across the world - I'd say set a budget and spend only what u can affford - expensive tackle doesnt catch more or better fish

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    I've been told Loomis is another name for Shimano these days. Any truth in this?

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Giday Fish head
    When looking around for a good rod ,I looked for warranty and quality ended up getting a loomis imx very happy with it so much so I just went out and got a loomis dropshot this arvo.
    One of my mates said I was a lunatic for spending 600 on a rod he reckons I should have spent no more than 300 or so even that would be too much he reckoned.
    My argument was this if I bust my Loomis any which way, all I do is pay a surcharge of $140 odd and I get it replaced no probs , If i brake a rod of another brand with no warranty of around $200 to replace that I need to spend another $200.
    So for that reason I thought it pretty good and a great rod to use as well, can't wait to give the dropshot a go tomorrow

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    berkley also make a good range of carbon fibre rods which are simular in price to shimano.
    loomis these days dont seem to have enought runners- this is probably because-like most companys that "grow", get a new manager then start "maximising profits" by namely moving their manufacting to china, then they use less runners and thinner epoxy coats.
    so can a new loomis owner really base his decision on "old" testimonials of quality? and can you justify paying double for it?( as in the compared price of the shimano/berkley/struwick.)


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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    I like my Studwick Sick Stick. But one of my good Friends Mike has allot to do with G loomis its a very good product i wish i could have one my self but my wife said it would have to come with a LV hand bag (:

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    Quote Originally Posted by whiteman
    I've been told Loomis is another name for Shimano these days. Any truth in this?
    I do believe GLoomis are made by Shimano. Either that, or they have a close affilliation as the Shimano site has links to the GLoomis site and lists their address

    As for GLoomis rods, I can't complain about mine as I trolled it up from the bottom of the Nerang River during last years Flathead Classic - Scored! She's now in top working order

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    G- Loomis was purchased by Shimano a couple years ago As of right now there is no plan to change where or how the rods are made according to some friends with contacts at Shimano American.. The few I have used have felt very nice to cast.. Quite comparable to my favorite St Croix rods..

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    We can all fall victim to advertising and be conned into thinking that we need this or that to catch a fish, there are lots of good rods out there at a fraction of the cost of a Loomis that do the job just as well, if you have bought one for the peace of mind that $140 will replace it and you paid $600 for it new (forgive me if the price is wrong I have never shopped for one and my eyes go funny if price tickets are over $200) thats still an outlay of say $740 for 2 rods (1 broken 1 replacment) but you still only own 1, does not make sense to me. ask yourself how often do you break rods. how often do you fish. I have quite a few rods but to give an example, I have 2 Penn Pinpoint Baitcasters, a 4kg and 8kg, IM6 Graphite, Fuji guides and seats, cork grips, each cost under $100.00 and perform beautifully. I have used a mates Loomis, a lovely rod but for me I could not feel or justifiy the exta cost, but each his own and if I could sell rods at that price I would.

    All times wasted thats not spent fishing

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    It really is a law of diminishing returns. Double the price to 10% improvement type thing.

    So in short
    Yes, they are if you have a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket.

    No they aren't if you have something else to spend the money on.

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    Re: g loomis rods are they worth the extra $

    If you want teh replacement warranty then look at Pacific Composite. At least there Aussie made.

    I don't own one and will never have one as they are over priced IMO.

    I think as far as tackle goes the cheap stuff is exactly that, but for not much more you can buy mid range stuff. Some of the mid range stuff is better than others so you have to look around. Then the expensive stuff, three times the price for not much benefit.

    I must admit hating Loomis stuff after finding tackle shop owners who think if you don't buy them then you are not a "real" fishermen.

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